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My thanks to everyone for your words of support and comfort, which have greatly heartened me and helped to alleviate my sadness. Thank you !

We still can't believe that she is really gone !  Much too soon, Chickadee would only have been 8 years old in December.  With the birth of Girly's pups we would have rejoiced to see her in her role as a fabulous grandma.   The house is really empty without her ... we miss her presence so much, our grief is unbearable.

Some words for my sweet darling . . .

"Hello my beautiful one, already more than 24 hours since you left us, I can't believe it, is it a nightmare ? I hope that you are fine wherever you are, and that you are together with your loved ones, I'm certain that your mama and your grandma are there to watch over you. Oh my beautiful girl, my tears won't stop and I'm missing the comfort you used to bring me. Thank you my darling for being here for more than seven years, and what years they were ! You and I were one, you responded to everything I said to you, even the tiniest word. When we went walking together you constantly watched me, as I did you, and I believe we almost become one being together. With you I discovered the whole world of dogs : as for obedience where you excelled (when you wanted to !), you won your diploma for obedience at the first attempt and with 91.5% ! We discovered hunting together, and you adored it, although you never quite grasped that you were supposed to stop the game, not catch it and bring it to me as a present ! You would have made an excellent retriever !! You were a queen in the show ring, and you gave me the most wonderful times. When you climbed to the highest steps on the podium, you knew just how to make everyone talk about you ! What joy you brought me. All our wonderful times together are engraved on my heart for ever. Thank you for having given me two marvellous little ones, they are my pride and joy and you too can be proud of them. You gave life to 21 magnificent children, you were such a kind and sweet mama. In a few days your little Girly will also give life to more grandsons and grand-daughters - and we will still think about what a wonderful grandma you would have made ! We won't forget to whisper in the ears of the little ones just how exceptional you were, and how they must do everything possible to shine in your memory. And now I must carry on without you. I'll try to be strong, but believe me, this is not "au revoir", but rather "see you soon" my beautiful, my sweet Chickadee. "


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So sorry for your loss of your special girl :-( RIP

What a lovely tribute to your lovely Chickadee and lovely music in your video

Wishing you lots of strengths to cope with this , my thougths are with you.

Run free lovely Chickadee





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