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Just wanted to wish all you Crufts goers a fantastic time.


Good luck to you all. Enjoy.

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Yes Ann

Well done Tullamore Troubador and all your support team.

Beautifully handled IRW,especially on enterance to the ring. Beautiful movement.

Loved the tail movement on Merlin, just magic.


Thank you. I had a great day at Crufts, with Sandy  (Tullamore Troubador) getting the dog CC handled by Danielle, Archie's daughter Brook (Balakinnish Mistinguette)  getting the bitch CC and BOB , Sandy's son (Balakinnish Malachi)  getting BPIB, his daughter winning Puppy bitch, Archie's son Coilean winning working dog, and Neige handled by Colin Organ) winning FT bitch. And Dalriach Rob Roy was 2nd in Postgrad. 

Sad to see all the controversy over the disqualifications. I would be glad to see ALL breeds having veterinary checks, but at an earlier stage . To get a dog through to BOB at Crufts, then have it taken away, is devastating. And with only 15 breeds being vet checked, every disqualified dog is headline news

If the IRWS ticket winners and BP had been vet checked, I am quite sure the vet would have found absolutely nothing wrong with any of them, five very sound and healthy dogs . I have no problem with any of my dogs being vet checked at any show, and look forward to the time when it becomes standard practice for ALL dogs at ALL Ch shows

Congratulations Margaret! And agree that all dogs should be checked!! Pity the disqualified dogs hadnt been spotted by the judges, before getting their BOB's

Margaret your reply gives us non breeders faith. To know that you stand by your dogs health and soundness in an open, matter of fact way publically is just what many are looking for. I am sure the KC will fine tune the process as it was the first time. But comments like yours will give confidence to setter lovers and the public alike. More importantly to some one who has had the misery of watching their unsound pedigree dog go through a nightmare of a journey day after day. These are dog people, we should be aware of their pain through this time.

Margaret, a wonderful day for you and very many congratulations. We were all given the pep talk prior to judging and were told what to watch out for. I was, probably, over careful about entropion and lameness and I appreciate that was a good thing. I was also glad to say that I found nothing that would have concerned me. Of course there were some that moved close behind, all that was inevitable. Dogs are vet checked on the continent before they enter the show ground and years ago they were vet checked here. Probably entries just got too big logistically and the checks were dropped. Maybe Crufts should set an example and start the trend again. I, like you and probably most IS exhibitors, would not be phased by it.

There is far too much hysteria going on about the disqualified dogs - one of the problems of the internet is how this kind of hysteria can suddenly emerge and spread like wildfire with people jumping on the bandwaggon without stopping to think. Maybe the KC hadnt got  it worked out properly, but the principle of vet checks is right and hopefully here to stay. Just get used to the idea, and focus on  whats good for the dogs, not whats good for exhibitors in denial about the health and soundness problems in their dogs. And when  an exhibitor says something like "My dog is a champion in thirteen countries , therefore it cannot be unhealthy" .............. no comment.

Good breeders who only put sound and healthy dogs in the show ring have nothing to fear? So why all the fuss?

Amen to that Margaret.

I agree that some of the 'dog world' has gone into hysteria about the vet disqualifications - I see there is a meeting being called very soon by 'shocked' and 'disgruntled' people to put the KC right on various measures.

Oh dear - we all should be pulling together to rid dogs of bad breeding practices that result in miserable, painfilled lives....

I rather think the vet checks for high profile breeds at Crufts is more to prod judges to check the dogs' health/welfare and not to interpret breed standards to the extremes - as let's face it, it happens.

There should/must be a way of eliminating seriously compromised dogs from being shown and being bred from - I don't think vet checks at the NEC door is practical - 23,000+ dogs?????  How about at the 'qualified for Crufts' stage? A vet check before you send your entry?  But then, is it just one opinion against another?.... and wriggle-room for the most determined exhibitor?

Looking at the Gundog Group on TV we - my Aussie guests and I - really admired the dogs - normal dog-shaped and sized dogs, all looking fit.  (A pity for the Clumber, but I am not attracted at all to dogs with droopy eyes..... )

I stuck up for, in order of preference, the IRWS, Irish Setter, Pointer, Gordon Setter.... h'mmm I wonder why? ;o]))))

Pretty good day all round though!!

PS Crufts at Olympia and Earls Court were OK - rather squashed (my puppy got bitten) but the PARKING!!!! - non-existant!


Mel,   Why not let people express their opinion in their own way and stop taking it so personally.

After all, your name or that of any other breeder as I recall was not mentioned by anyone.

I am positive that no nobody was gloating, just a little bit of fun between members. 

I too thought the coverage of Crufts on TV was poor and like others have said, a whole programme about agility on Gundog day with the final quarter handed over to the Gundogs was not what I would describe as good coverage.  

Having read through previous discussions, I am quite sure a there are a handful of members 'gloating' at your comments directed at some members in this one.

Heaven's above!......I just finished typing and what do I read.......Sue Humphrey calling other members "a sad bunch".

It may be sensible to read through some of the comments both of you have made in not only this discussion but other too, believe me, it does not make for good reading.

Am I 'allowed' to talk about Merlin's waggy tail?




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