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I'm not normally one to comment on here I just like reading the posts for good advice and looking at the pictures and videos. I had the the pleasure to attend crufts on Saturday although it was a very long day setting off at half 7 from Leeds and not getting home till half 11 it was fantastic to see so many setters under one roof all of them so well behaved and the owners so friendly and willing to answer questions and offer advice on what must of been a stressful time for them preparing the dogs. It did confirm for me that the irish setter is the most beautiful dog out ther but sure everybody on here agrees but my partner was smitten with the red and white setters. From reading a previous blog about crufts I know quite a few people attended I just hope they enjoyed the day as much as me and my family did.


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ES members had beautiful rosettes especially made for Crufts for a few years and gathered for a group photo!!

Think Janes idea of the badges is a great idea and have to admit my feet were aching by the end of the day but ther was so much to see with all the displays and stalls and all the dogs to see.
Envi, envi....I'm so pleased you all had a wonderful time as I said on one of your photos Kenny, thank you very much for posting the photos of yourselves and the wonderful setters. I really loved looking at them as I imagine many other ES members have and will too. Take care.

Looks like a fun day for all lucky enough to have gone. Thanks for posting pictures of all the wonderful Irish Setters.....sort of my idea of heaven a place with Irish Setters everywhere you look.

Thank you Kenny, the photos are lovely. makes me wish I could have been there even more, but my reds have to come first. Maybe next year ?So pleased for those who made the grade with their reds and well done to the ones that got placed.

. Happy day`s <:0)

I have just seen the photos,my thanks too Kenny.

Hi where you showing or a visitor? Our day started at 3am !! I left my house at 4.10am and arrived at Crufts about 6.30am. We had a good day and a dog I bred ShChCorranroo Connesxion was best of breed in the Irish red and white. we got 2 seconds in fairly big classes so really pleased.I got home about 8.30pm after hitting some heavy snow....so all in all a tiring day...role on next year !! Ive just posted some cute photos of r/w puppies so let me know what you think.

Congratulations Jackie on your setters win, you must be very proud. I saw two red and white setters at a show here in Australia three weeks ago, they created a lot of interest and were lovely dogs they are the only two in my home state! I'll have a look at your puppies....love puppies :0) it was worth your big day. Take care.

Just looked at your pictures, they are all so beautiful want some....The photography is briliant as are many on this site, so I thought this link maybe of interest to some of you  http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/item/2962. would be nice if an ES member won !! <:0)

A former ES member won Best Puppy beautiful bitch

Sorry Angela, as a professional photographer myself, married to one and working for others, these competitions make me cross.

Organisations used to pay photographers well for the use of their images. Now they behave outrageously

' The entrant grants the worldwide and non-exclusive royalty-free right and license for copyright in the photograph entered to reproduce any prize winning and commended entries in relation to the Kennel Club/Crufts branded forms and media and in all manners for Kennel Club/Crufts advertising, promotion and marketing and official Kennel Club/Crufts licensed products. The entrant grants the right to free reproduction and exhibition in all media (now known and hereafter created).

The entrant agrees to give the Kennel Club, their licensees and representatives his/her permission to use his/her pictures, portrait or image in all and any Kennel Club/Crufts advertising, promotion, marketing or any other lawful purposes without his/her approval of the used imagery including Kennel Club approved licensing and marketing partner usage..   '

Professional photographers' organisations spent decades fighting clauses like this as unfair.

And they're data-reaping

'Entrants agree that personal data, including name and address, may be processed, shared, and otherwise used for the purposes and within the context of the DPOTY and any other purposes outlined in these Rules.

The Kennel Club or our marketing partners may contact you by mail, email, telephone to tell you about our related services and to send you details of our special offers and discount available. By providing us with your address, telephone number or email address and registering with us your consent to be contacted by these methods for these purposes.'

Note - its not just the winner whose picture can be hijacked, para 2 says 'The entrant .  .  .for any lawful purpose without his/her approval'. The value of this photo library to the Kennel Club could run to £millions in saved payments and the prize is unspecified. A magazine cover picture alone would cost up to £1000 in usage rights. They are capitalising on peoples love of dogs and delight in the pictures they have taken of them.

oppps ! Sorry I will admit that I did not read the terms and conditions, as I am useless with a camera I would never consider entering. I have just bought a new camera, read lots of reviews and went for a quick shutter speed as my other camera was so slow, still my pictures are rubbish. I am sorry if I have offended anyone with this link, but no harm ment.




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