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UK television viewers, was anyone else watching ''The One Show'' this evening. Tonights guest was the comedian Alan Carr, and guess who's his new best friend? Yeah...........Bev, she's an 11 week old Irish Setter puppy. She's absolutely delightful.


OK spill the beans, who bred Bev?

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Saw Bev and, you are right, she is gorgeous............me not spilling the beans however.
Thanks Rosie, I followed your link and found out where Bev came from..................is it a secret???
If you missed The One Show, you can catch it on BBC iplayer - Bev is gorgeous, and I know where she came from !!!!!

OK  I'm watching chatty Man, and he's done it again...........Alan Carr has a new dog............ it's Joyce, another Irish Setter puppy. Is she a Kerryfair as well?

What a little darling she is.


I wonder if Alan would like to join Exclusively Setters!!

Puppy is very cute and Bev is lovely too.

I love that Bev had a backstage access wristband around her paw!

Hmm... I also know where she came from and it turns out Alan Carr was so impressed by how calm and well behaved our 2 boys were when they appeared on the Fiday Night Project he shortly afterwards reserved his first puppy. Must have been a good day was a bit worried about the wheelbarrrow full of carrots though!!
Is there anyway of seeing this? I can't find it on BBC i player.
You need to select the second quarter of the show, the part with Chris Moyles, it all comes about because Chris Moyles is scared of dogs.
Just thought i'd satisfy your curiosity a little more on the subject.Both are Kerryfairs and my boy Romeo is Joyce's dad and Bev's granddad! It was only a secret until Alan got her.




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