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do 12 month old setters get on with a new kitten?

I desperately would like another cat and would consider a kitten as Reuben still young a maybe they would be good pals/companions. I already have one adult cat that tolerates reuben but wondered if a kitten would be nice to have to. I use to have two cats but lost one at christmas unfortunately. My husband says reuben would eat the kitten!!! I dont agree with this but wondered whether the kitten would get hurt at all due to Reuben being a big dog?

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When Mojo...(moggy) came into our lives we had three grown up setters..after a few spits and hisses...they became best buddies.....since then (much older now) he has had to get used to puppies...(much more traumatic) but absolutely adores them...snuggles up in bed with the girls each night...and totally forgives being bounced on every morning by Lola...(see my pics )...besides...kittens are usually afraid of NO ONE..and soon sort out the dogs....!!!! Best of Luck...!!!
Ooh excellent news, just have to work on the hubby now !
I would be more concerned about your other cat than the dog. You can create a good interaction with the dog and make sure it is respectful but if your othe cat doesnt like the new one you could have squabbles, fights, peeing in the house all sorts or then again they could be fine!!!
Fergus came from a farm which had dozens of cats and he "got wrong" for paying any atention to them!
I had a tiger striped cat who was FULL of character. He lived throgh several dogs coming and going and had the most marvellous approach to them. He saw Setters especially as warm beds. However if they overstepped the mark, poked him or were less that courteous he would extend a front paw very deliberately and then like cold steel he would unsheath the claws "ching"

If the dog was stupid enough to keep on coming you usually had to go and unhook its face from the foot. Worked every time!
I have brought in rescue-cats that have gone totally mad at just the mention of a dog....no problem at all.
Same goes for kittens.

I tell the dogs how to behave and what to do and above all, no chasing.
But, just as Ossian pointed out, have had more trouble between cats that I have ever had between dogs and cats. To be quite honest I have only ONE cat that is a troublemaker...

At this moment I have 4 cats (all rescues), 3 setters and half a french bulldog.
So go ahead!
Get a kitten!
No problem...:-)

PS Cats make great pillows!!!!!!
love the picture, looks like my old cat Bob!
Louise,we have only just got a kitten a few weeks ago & Reuben's siter, Autumn, has adopted it & licks him clean (face not bottom!!) she adores him & he in turn loves her.....a VERY happy partnership :))))))
I am loving all these positive responses and I am sure Reuben would live a kitten too. Do you think it would also help in keeping him company when left alone in the house? The corner of our hall wall is getting a good chewing but someone on this forum mentioned tobassco sauce and it is working. Though wall/exposed plaster now a funny colour haha! That is not the reason why I want a kitten though but could be a positive point to sway my husband in the right direction, hehe
Well hissister has just 'adopted' our new kitten Merlin.....she licks his little face aftereverymeal & he loves to sleep next to her. My 2, 5 month old pups also love him but do sometimes get a bit over-excited with him but he is far quicker & moreagile than them so takes himself off when he has had enough.
He also learned very quickly that whilst he can get overthe dog gate they can't!!!
So I say go for it Louise......:)))))
arrh, if Reuben's sister has a new kitty then so should he!!!!!! Please everybody now convince my husband for me.... Love the name Merlin by the way Lynne, any pics?
I have always been a cat person and feel very lost only having one!
Thanks for the info Sue, and sprout wow wee what a fab name and yes I am working on the Reuben needs comapny excuse!
get the kitten, we have always had cats or kittens with our setters. Last dog was 2 when I purchased a kitten.




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