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hi All

Just wondered if anyone knows the picture on my mug? Sorry rubbish picture, must get good camera.

Walking the girls one evening last winter, it was dark and raining hard, a lady came runing up behind us no coat or shoes soaking wet waving somthing in her hand.When she reached us she put a mug in my hand and said " I have seen you out with your dogs, and they are beautiful and well behaved you obviously love them, I had this in my cabbinet and I want you to have it, only you are aloud to drink from it, my name is Ronny" with that she was gone as quick as she had arrived.Just what I wanted in my wet slippery hands with two leads.

Was this a ghost or just a very kind person? I would love to have repayed her with a plant or chocs. but no one near there knows her !! I dont drink from this mug but keep it on a high shelf to remind me that there are lovely people in this world.

THE MUG; It is called "Total Elegance" staffordshire fine bone china.

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What a lovely gesture...it is good to know that there are still nice people out there x

I agree with Yvonne it was a lovely gesture.  I like to think she was a friendly ghost who maybe owned Setters when she was alive......but I have a very active imagination  :))

I actually have seen a ghost though......but that's another story!

What a beautiful history now attached to this lovely mug. A family heirloom is born.

Wow what a beautiful mug and what a beautiful story......I like Tori like to think it was someone from the past.....

What a beautiful story and a fantastic experience you had here Angela!!!  very happy for you :-)

What a kind gesture by this stranger. I have a coffee & a tea mug in this design plus a plate.  I live in Australia.  Myra Thomas-Rhodes gave me one of the mugs years ago and the other mug and plate I bought in Sydney.

This mug is beatiful and the story really magical:-)

What a lovely story!

Thank you so much, Mel or Nardi Looking to see if I could find an email address for midlands/belfast irish society and came across a link to my question.There are lovely people here too  <:0). Didnt know you could do that ,only been on the net a year lots to learn thanks x

That is a wonderful story, your new family heirloom carries a great new addition to your family lore!

I think I have a lead for you. I found this US site with a "Very Very Limited Quantity" of the china. You may be able to find more at . Not sure if this is the same company they imported from, but they do custom work, so it seems a likely possibility. Good luck and keep us posted on the hunt for your "ghost" and china!


Imported from NORFOLK CHINA, UK
Very Very Limited Quantities Available
Many items are available with a gold rim or a light green rim.
Only the light green items are microwave-able.
Some items may vary slightly from the scan.

Wonderful I went on the us site.They are imported from norfork but it looks like the us have the copy right so I dont think I shall be able to bye other items from this country.I shall phone tomorrow and see if I can,and hopfully find out the artist,I would love to get a print of this picture.Thank you Leslie very much x <:0)

Happy I could help!





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