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Being relatively new to showing I am confused by the class definitions, particularly MAIDEN and NOVICE, Is there some kind soul who can quickly explain this to me?

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Hi and firstly congratulations on qualifying your puppy for Crufts at Bournemouth.

Any dog can be entered for Maiden providing it has not won a Challenge Certificate or a first prize at an open or championship show. First prizes won in Minor puppy or puppy classes however do not count.
Any dog can be entered for Novice providing it has not won a Challenge Certificate or 3 first prizes at an open or championship show. Again first prizes won in Minor puppy or puppy classes however do not count.

'Definitions Of Classes' can be found in schedules. I have searched the Kennel Club website for a full list but was unsuccessful, however I found this list which seems to be complete.

Remember also to check the qualifying date for entries which is usually 7 days before the entries close. In this day and age of paper and online entries it is worth checking for the qualifying date which should be in the 'Rules and Regulations section also in the schedule.

Hope this helps.
In addition to my previous post.
Occasionally clubs or societies hold Limited shows. The definitions can be slightly different for this type of show so always check the rules if you enter one of those shows.
Then there's the bit where wins in variety classes don't count when entering breed classes, but when entering variety classes, wins in both breed and variety classes must be counted.

It's seems complicated when you're new to it.

You could send for a copy of the Kennel Club publication 'Show Regulations' it's only £1.50, and it details everything like this and more. A little light reading.............not!!

Dawn R.
I've just asked a simialar queation to this on an forum for all breeds of dog. Maybe someone on here can answer it for me.

Its not my setter but my whippets. Amber and Simba have both had wins in the AV classes at open shows. We have a breed club showcoming up and there is a maiden class. My question is do AV wins count for breed classes?

One person I know has said they can not go into the maiden clss as they have won in the AV classes another friend said the wins in AV classes do not count in breed classes only if you are entering the AV classes eg they could go in whippet maiden but not in AV maiden
Helen, I quote from the KC Year book 2010/2011:

'Wins in Variety classes do not count for entry in Breed Classes, but when entering for Variety Classes, wins in both Breed and Variety Classes must be counted.'

Also remember that Minor Puppy, Special Minor Puppy, Puppy and Special Puppy Classes wins do not count.

Hope that helps you.
Thanks Sue I'll put the twins in the maiden class then.




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