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Can anyone recommend a Vacuum Cleaner that's good for Irish Setter Hair? Particularly one that's fairly easy to lift for stairs etc. Mine's on it's last legs.

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I'm a big Dyson fan too...even I can fix it when it gets clogged up so pretty idiot proof and seem to do a good job with the hairs, dust and dirt too!! I do live in a bungalow though so no problem carting it up the stairs for me......

I must agree the Dyson Animal is great ...... well worth it ....... :-)


Bring on the Dyson Animal.... plus the whizzy little furtinure head. First time we used one we had enough hair to make another dog :-)

Does this work on Jack Russell hair as well?


Another vote for Dyson Animals from us.
Yep Dyson Animal def!
Mind you, my better half , Angela has just said running back and forth scuffing your rubber soled slippers works just as well. !!!!!

Just looking at the Bissell site they have a lot of pet hair cleaning liquids and accessories - I'm just about to order a set of mega-tools .They even have a Drool remover kit!

Now, what did we do on Saturday nights before the internet?  Oh .  .  yes .   .


We have a couple of Bissell Lift-off cyclone cleaners as have all of our dog-owning friends who've seen them. Very good at collecting hairs and the centre section can be carried so you don't get that annoyance of the vacuum exhaust blowing the hairs away just as you are approaching. Easy and light to take upstairs without the stand.Knocks spots of any of the Dyson's and we must have owned most of their Pet models. Sadly it seems to be discontinued but available on ebay, also it looks from the website as if they have some good one-piece models Bissell Pethair cleaner


(reposted to fix link)

Thanks for all your coments so far. Not suprised to hear the Dyson come out well but really interested in the Bissell machine. Hadn't heard of that one.Have nearly enough cat hair to stuff a cuchion so don't think I'll go in for making another dog!
Miele does one for animal hairs as well, and i think is great!
I have a miele cat and dog find it great too




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