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Have noticed that there is now a notice on the main page asking for donations to support ES. As you can see it states that it was placed by a 'third party', but no name is given.

Does anyone know who placed this? Is this another scam attempt, or is it genuine? If genuine then can anyone explain what the donations are for?

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Thanks everyone for this discussion.  I was curious and a bit sceptical too!! 

Happy to donate Gene... awesome site!!!  Would hate to lose contact with the rest of the world, thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication to the site.


I am in England and I used PayPal and had no problem.

I saw daffodils in full bloom on January 10th near some woodland by us but someone had picked them yesterday....perhaps as well as there was a heavy frost last night.

I LOVE this site and appreciate the opportunity to make a small contribution.  Thanks, Gene!

Je viens de faire un don de 20 euros, site formidable, merci...

Thanks again for all the replies and donations.  I am a bit behind in thanking people personally as I am dealing with some health issues with one of my dogs.  Hope to catch up tomorrow or Tuesday.

Again, I will not let the site go dark, so don't worry about that.  If something would happen to Ning, there are other similar providers and I am pretty sure they would help us transition the site.  Hopefully, this would be transparent to us if it ever did happen.

I have donated and I am from Down Under.  I am sure other Aussies will have or will do so.

Hi Mel, I lived in Norwich for over 12 months from 1975 - 1976 attending Norwich Girls High School doing 'A' Levels before moving down to London for 12 months as my late stepfather was a Director of Reckitt & Colman (Colmans eg Mustard started in Norwich while Reckitts started in Hull before joining together).  We moved back to Australia to Adelaide instead of Sydney where I was born as my late stepfather was made Managing Director of Orlando Wines.

We lived in a village called Strumpshaw  (about 8 miles out) near Acle on the way to Great Yarmouth.  I think my memory serves me right on the spelling but am not sure now.  I loved Norwich city and I loved our village once a horse riding school opened up a few months before we moved to London as my mother couldn't get work in her field there and my stepfather when in the country spent days down in Headquarters in Chiswick, London.  We had the Norfolk Broads down the bottom of our road which our young Irish Setter pup (Ginger Meggs) and our Labrador and brother and I nearly never returned from one winter's afternoon going for a walk.


How true?  Since your question, I have been thinking about living in England and about my lovely late stepfather who was the most beautiful of human beings - a humanitarian just a wonderful man.  Also about my naughty and very clever Ginger Meggs, Marjorie .......

I am from Down Under and have also made a donation .... just remember we are smaller in population :-)) We do like a challenge, though!!!

Hi Mel,

...there I was thinking Britain was part of Europe... ;-))

only too happy to donate, this site helped me enormously to cope with the loss of my boy Morgan just having other IS lovers sending condolences and their understanding of the grief helps, non dog people just don't understand and Ive made some great friends I'd never have met otherwise 




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