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FOOD: Low Protein, Grain Free, AND Affordable???

Okay, I know that inexpensive dog food that is also high quality is not available, but just thought I'd throw that last one in there.  Cosmo is now 7 months old and has had a series of ear infections, mostly yeast, since we brought him home from the breeders in April.  The vet thought perhaps it was just a stress reaction to leaving his mommy, but since he seems to get them a lot ... we are now starting to think food allergy.  My last irish girl was allergic to corn and rice ... oats was really the only grain she could handle.  Finding prepared food without either corn or rice was next to impossible ... the ones that existed at that time were almost $9/day!!  So I put together a home cooked recipe with the help of my vet and cooked for her for years.  It was an act of love and I don't regret doing it for an instant, yet I really don't want to go back to that chore again!!! 


I see that there are now many grain free options available ... but most have far higher protein than the 21 percent max I am using for Cosmo's growth months.  Does anyone here have any recommendations?  We reside in the States and so far the local pet food stores do not seem to carry much that is grain free ... I'm guessing I will have to order online and pay shipping.  Thanks.

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Sounds good but the ear really should be flushed even if they HATE it!
Not sure that only wipes will give you the best results. All ear cleaners are a flush type Gigi. Maybe you can call in and add that to your order????
Hmmm. Well, I'll wait and see I guess since they have already emailed me that it has shipped. I have "regular" nonpescription otic flush plus the prescription ... these wipes are supposed to be damp enough to do a good ear cleaning ... if I do it regularly, maybe it will help?? Can you tell I'm tired of pinning the boy down to do the flushing???? :) I'll probably have to relent, but will remain stubborn for a few more hours at least!!
How often do you use it? I understand it is a powder that needs to be tipped into the ear canal and then spread around a bit by massaging the outer ear, much as one does when doing a flush. Is it difficult to get your dog to go along with this?? Do you then remove it with a wipe? And if this item is for ear mites, why does it help a dog whose ears may not have ear mites?? Sorry for so many questions, but I trust the responses and thoughts of real people with actual experience with things over the claims on product sites that are trying to sell me something.
Gigi my current dog is pretty good about letting us do things to him, but believe me my last one was a nightmare so I understand what your asking. It took four people, adults, to hold down Dub to do even a nail trim. I find that treating the dog with a special treat and getting him contained in the bathroom or another very small area works better. If they hate it keep doing it more often!
"If they hate it, keep doing it more often"!! LOL!! I know exactly what you mean but seeing that in print is humorous ... it reminds me of public education policy in this country!! Not doing well on tests? Test more. Too much time being spent on testing rather than learning? Test more. The kids now hate school? Must not be enough testing!!! AIEEEE

Thanks everyone. I am now well advised, I am sure. I will post back in a few weeks to let everyone know how it's going. I know people the world over are most interested in Cosmo's ear yeast ... ha ha!!
I think Thornit is actually zinc oxide powder which is mildly antiseptic, so even if there are no ear mites, it helps to prevent infection , also absorbs moisture
Since I generally follow a low carb diet myself, I tend to agree with this whole-heartedly. I'm not sure about the "dead proteins" part though ... what does that really mean? Cooking at high temps for a really long time changes the protein strands? The reason I was told to keep protein at around 21 percent is to slow the growth rate ... if a food has 34 percent protein, will it matter if that protein is good quality versus poor quality regarding its affect on growth rate? I totally agree that good quality is best ... don't get me wrong. Just trying to understand the percentage thing. I do think that no one (human, canine, and certainly not feline) should be eating corn ... period. A sure-fire recipe for diabetes. But that's a different thread!! ;)
Gigi, please read this, it is long but a new world and view on food might open up :-)
That was excellent ... thank you for posting it. I am no longer worried about the percentage of protein. I guess my new questions are how can I determine if a dog food has been cooked at too high a temperature (check their websites I guess) since I cannot really purchase Orijen foods without paying exhorbitant shipping fees for already expensive food. And secondly, have you truly found that your dog requires less food by feeding this way? Not that it matters in my decision making, but I would just feel better if the higher cost was somewhat balanced by the dog's need for less of it!!!

When I cccked for my Trudy, the recipe was lightly cooked beef hamburger with no draining of the fat, eggs, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, oatmeal, and bone meal (for calcium/minerals). My dog's health dramatically improved, but cooking every 8 days was a lot of work ... it ALWAYS seemed to be day 8!!!

Finally, why on earth do people who choose to eat vegetarian (which I cast no judgments on even though I do not choose it for myself) then decide that their pets will also do the same??? It makes no sense. Thanks again for your post.
Not sure if you have Pet Supplies Plus in your area. Otherwise many independant pet stores sell Orijen and/or Acana. Look for natural pet stores for instance. You should be able to find it.
It is easy to buy Orijen or Acana on the www. I live in the Netherlands and did buy it online. Here is a link where you can buy it:





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