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Joan and I have been concerned about Fred for a week now,he is not confident,moving slowly and generally avoiding us.

We took him to the vet's yesterday and he has been,sadly, diagnosed with macular degeneration and retinal atrophy.He is going blind and it is progressing quickly.He is already starting to learn to cope and we will give him the best life we can.

At the same consultation Ellie had her check up and she has now got cataracts!

Joan and I would like to thank Sue Humphrey for all her help,advice,support and kindness.




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Oh Howard, what a nightmare for you. I'm so sorry to hear this.

Two dogs losing their sight at the same time, how cruel this is. You will find the strength from somewhere to help them adjust and live their lives as fully as possible. Who knows, maybe they will find a way to support eachother, stranger things happen.

Hugs to you and Joan.


Regards, Dawn R.

So very sorry Howard my heart goes out to you and Joan. Maybe an op for Ellie to remove the cataracts could be an option


All good wishes Lois to you both

I am really sorry to read your post.....I hope Fred adjust and live a happy life for as long as possible. For Ellie, do you know about the eye clinic near Hereford? I know they are very successful there with cataract operations.

Thank you for your kind words.

Ellie still sees quite well but we could have an operaton for her cataracts.However, her general health is not good so we really want to avoid any operations but we may well have to take that course .Is the eye clinic the one in Leominster?

We are learning along with Fred and today has been a bit easier.

Yes, it is near Leominster opposite the Cadbury Factory. Kim had her eye operated there to remove a tiny black spot which turned out to be nothing but pigment but could have been malignant. They were extremely good with her. I arrived early in the morning, left her there, went to visit Hereford and by the time I was going to the pub to have lunch, they rang me to tell me she was waking up and I could pick her up and take her home later on that afternoon.I can highly recommend this place. They do everything under a huge microscope and Kim made a full recovery.

I'm very sorry to hear about Fred's  but he has two red friends by who could be his eyes

That's sad to hear. Voice and touch will now be so important in helping them to know whats around and happening. 

I have a PRAcd4 affected 2 year old, and am very aware of using words to tell him what he's approaching, even now when I know he can see..people do look at me oddly when I say 'road. walk...straight...left' etc. but if the worst should happen I hope it will help. I also encourage him to have physical contact with me when we're out, usually his head or shoulder touching my thigh or hand.

I wish you and yours all the best.

Thank you Finn for your email but I can't respond as the site,at the moment, won't let me!

Sorry to hear the sad news Howard and Joan. I am sure Fred will respond well with yours and Ellies help. Paws crossed here for your two red heads.

What a worrying time you are having, Howard. I hope things work out somehow for both Fred and Ellie. I am sure they will still lead a rich life even if maybe a little more sedate. It will probably take a while for you all to adjust to the new situation. Wishing you all the best!

Sue, you really are a wonderful lady

Oh Howard
What a horrible time you are having. My heart goes out to you all .
I would start to work on using words now so that when the sight has gone your babies understand what to do.
Thinking of you, and your beautiful Reds.




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