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I have a friend who has Golden Retrievers and is a contributor of a similar forum.  They have recently had a grooming workshop day by popular demand whereby you take along an untrimmed dog and you all help each other trim.  They rented a village hall & all in all it was a huge inexpensive success.


Any body interested in one for Irish setters,  I for sure would welcome some help in trimming!

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Hi Jo,

I was in the US last month....but in Tennessee.....still a long way from California though.....perhaps another time?

What a kind offer!  I was only joking actually!  Perhaps one day we could meet up, the same goes for us if you are in the UK and need somewhere to stay not far from London, you are welcome

Went to Scotland 6 years ago loved it did not want to come home.  Spent one weekend at an agility trial watching, the rest of the time seeing the country.  Would really love to go back. to see a field trail.  Never been to Tennessee, with the weather being so strange not sure I would want to be in that area just now.  


Hi Jo,

I know my daughter is still out there and they have record highs in Nashville at the moment........also the return of the cicadas.......

Glad I am in California. the weather this week is in the 70's and I am on vacation

Hi Jo,


It looks like you're in the Bay area too, although a little further out!


I would definitely be interested in a grooming workshop down the road, although my pup still has a way to go before he has enough hair to groom!

Sounds like a great idea.  Anyone coming to Australia!!! 

Was thinking the same thing Cheryl.  How good would that be????
I have emailed the secretary of the South of England IS Club to see if they can put something on.  There is a hall in Bletchingley, Surrey which the Clubs hired for regional events.  These used to be well attended.  Will post when I get some news.
Have had a response from the SEISC.  Unfortunately their agenda for this year is full to overflowing.  Might be able to consider this for next year.  Will try the ISBC Southern region.
Thanks for your help Eva
Whoops just saw this post. Oh well never mind :-(




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