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I have a friend who has Golden Retrievers and is a contributor of a similar forum.  They have recently had a grooming workshop day by popular demand whereby you take along an untrimmed dog and you all help each other trim.  They rented a village hall & all in all it was a huge inexpensive success.


Any body interested in one for Irish setters,  I for sure would welcome some help in trimming!

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That sounds great to me,  I'm happy to drive down.

Ok, lets talk about a date then.....but how many people will be willing to join us? ....so that I can start baking now?!

Well I would love to attend, will also bring cakes/cookies along with dog and husband as he needs to learn too!!



Dee also grooms our girls and they always come back perfect.  We have a copy of the DVD but I would suggest chatting to her about this.  Definately up for a workshop even if its only for tidy ups between visits to Head to Tail.


I wish I lived nearer to Head to Tail! 


We still exist! The ISBC has three regional clubs left, the North West Region, the Home Counties Region and the East Midlands Region (I am secretary).

We have had grooming seminars before and they have always been well attended. Richard Bott did one for us and so did Dee Milligan Bott. We have tried to arrange more of these seminars and demonstrations, but it isn't easy finding people who know what they are doing, who are good groomers and are willing to give the time, even though they are usually paid. They are normally very busy with the show circuit and just because someone is good at what they do, it doesn't mean that they are happy to speak or demonstrate their expertise in front of a group of people.

I have also attended grooming seminars hosted by other clubs. The best one I ever attended was run by the South of England Irish Setter Club. Bonnie Andrews talked about and demonstrated the trimming. The places were limited as delegates had a grooming table provided. You took your own untrimmed dog and trimmed them, watched carefully by Bonnie, who gave help and advice where needed. It was absolutely brilliant, far better than just sitting watching someone else show you how to trim an Irish. In order to learn, you have to be prepared to make a few mistakes, but it's far better to learn how to trim your dog yourself rather than have to rely on someone else to do it for you!!!!!

In the absence of a trimming seminar perhaps people should ask their breeder for help.

I would also love to have a group I could meet up with.  Anyone in Scotland?
this sounds like a brilliant idea for relative newcomers like me!!!! I have seen the video that eva is speaking about and it is  very good and helpful but personally I learn  by "hands on" and would love someone to show me how!! I'm in the south east, surrey....
The irish Setter Club of Scotland ran one last year Janet at Alva.  I did find it interesting.  The tutor brought along her elderly English Setter.  This dog was going to be clipped the next day and we were able to practice with the thinning scissors on this lovely patient old girl (the setter not the tutor!).  I'm afraid I'm still a bit rubbish at trimming though, but I would go to another seminar if they ran one.  I'm lucky to have kind friends who tidy up the mess I make in the meantime.
sounds like fun, anyone in California USA?
A little far for the day but if you're offering a holiday, I'll be the first there!!

anytime I can make room,  Hawk would love the company





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