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If any one has had any problems similar to this please get in touch asap. Catherine, nearly nine, was spayed this morning due to a suspected pyometra, Has experienced near fatal bleeding during surgery , the pyometra was not as serious as suspected but she was full of large blood clots, as soon as she had her first incision she was in trouble and has been very slow to clot blood. For those of you who are willing to chat my phone number is in all the UK year books. Thanks folks Cheryl

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so sorry to hear of your dog , hope she soon recovers from her ordeal
Thanks Lyn. Been to see her and at the moment the bleeding has stopped. Her colour is fairly good but when her gum is pressed the colour is rather slow to return and it looks like a small bruise is left where you pressed it. Found out more about the surgery, there was no blood in the uterus, the clots were all outside of it. There were huge clots in her vulva but the cervix and vagina were all totally normal. The bleeding from the incision was from the small capillaries in the fat and this is where she failed to clot. The arteries closed well. Providing she doesn't re-start bleeding she will hopefully come home tomorrow but what bled to cause the clots outside of the uterus still remains a mistery and the vet said there was no clue to to it origin.
Thank goodness she is improving.
Irish Setters are such resilient dogs, I'm sure she will be fine.
Keep us informed of her progress.
Thank you Trudy. Will be glad when she comes home. Very stressful day!!!!
Hi Cheryl,

Very sorry to hear of all your worries - I do so hope all goes well!
She has not previously been on medication that could affect blod clotting by any chance?

Thinking of you!
No, she is not on any medication at all. She is now home and appears to be doing well. Thanks for your interest.
Oh dear,

hope Catherine has improved during the past seven hours? You must be so worried, especially as you cannot be with her at the moment, or is she already at home?
Send you all the best get-well wishes from Australia. Hope to read good news soon!

I hope that Catherine is making steady improvement. It does take a while for a bitch to recovery from this surgery when performed in the circumstances you describe.
My dear Daisy had to be spayed urgently last November when her uterus ruptured. She was 8 1/2 years old. It was touch and go with her for the best part of a week and I was so glad that she carried a bit of extra condition to sustain her. However she went from strength to strength and has not looked back. In fact she has turned into a real hoon and wonders why on earth she was a lady for so long.
In the circumstances I am looking to have Rowena spayed next month before her next season, rather than running the risk of something similar happening. Rowena is almost 9.
Looks like we have had a bit of your Daisy's luck, Catherine is home and happy. So are we!!!!!!
Cheers Australia! She survive the night and is home doing really rather well.
Hope your girl recovers well and is home with you soon!!
Thanks for your concern.




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