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How do I train Reuben Not to run up to every single dog he sees?

One of my biggest problems at the moment is that Reuben has to go up to every single dog he sees. This is a huge problem when the other dog is on lead as he is bouncing around wanting to say hello to the dog but the owner not very happy which I completely understand.
Do i bring out the long line again and practise training in the park where lots of dogs are? I do tend to walk him over the fields most of the time but it would be nice to walk in the local dog park too and I obviously want control of reuben.

I do try distraction and walking to heel etc which works sometimes for a bit and then he is off. I swear that he is such a bolshy little bugger!

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If you have any progress let me know as Ollie is exactly the same... :-(
Makes me feel better Nicky that I am not alone! He use to do it with people too but I have managed to desensitise him to this with endless walking around the local town. Some woman the other day got so Cross with him and over reacted a bit but started to actually attempt to kick him. Though I do understand her frustration too as her dog was on a lead and Reuben not listening to me at all.
I find the same thing Fran, Cash is around so many different dogs and people everyday that it is not that big of deal to him anymore. When he first arrives he does dart around to say hi to his favorite dogs or people and then he just does his thing and actually ignores people who try to call him over to say hello to him. He is very picky who is worthy of his attentions! Dub was the same way, he had certain people he just adored and cried when he saw them. Others he just snubbed. Work with some fantastic treat around lots of distractions Louise. Patience and time, he will settle in. I will say though if your in a dog park, dogs run up to each other to meet and play. They also greet people as well. I can understand if you want to have more control and not allow it, but it is normal in that setting. And after the first 20 minutes or so they do calm down enough to start working on your training.
Thank you Sue. I dont mind him greeting off lead dogs but it is the ones on lead that I have problems with and normally the owners are worst then their dogs reactions, lol...
I think he is just such a happy chap that loves other dogs (and people) but especially the female nice smelling ones.
Oh yes lets hope so Sue!
Fran, I wish I taught Reuben from day 1 to wait etc but probably didnt foresee how beneficial this would be in the future. Gosh i wish I was on this forum prior to bringing Reuben home as has been such a learning curve for me. Howver its never too late to teach a dog new tricks! I have been concentrating on bringing him to heel when I see another dog and then releasing him to play if appropriate. We are improving but it will take patience and mistakes like you say.
Finn, I am so totally with you on this one - why on earth do people pick up their dogs and cause such a bigger problem?????? Now reuben loves screaming and noise and thinks it is play. reuben will now often ignore a small child until they start screaming, running and shouting in terror because they have seen him. Then i am shouting "stand still", don't run etc. Now i do understand that Reuben is a bg dog and that in itself can be intimidating and obviously with young children they can't help their reactions. But I do wish the parents would then help educate their child so maybe they are not frightened of dogs all their life. I often say to the parent (when reuben safely on lead) would their child like to pat him and say hello in order this may help their child not to be fearful of dogs in the future but they cant be bothered. usually all they say is "oh little Johnny is not use to dogs". So many children in my town are scared of dogs it is untrue and it is a shame.
Louise when I unload Cash from the car he sees the other dogs and knows where he is and is ready to pull my arm off. I use the wait command when I am unloading my car and getting my bearings. He is perfect with staying put but once I say okay it is off to the races, pulling me like a cement anchor holding him back. If I say WAIT again he will stop but the excitement makes it hard to hold the wait for long. Sometimes something is just sooooo exciting you can see their bottoms bouncing up and down, a minute seems like an hour to a young dog. I don't usually use my harness on him when we only have a few feet to walk to get inside the park. But can't live without it otherwise. I am too old to be pulled apart like that. Wait is a great command and gets easier when they settle down a bit more.




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