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How do you keep your Setter`s teeth clean?

I would love to read your experiences!
Thank you!

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I try to have a regular brushing routine, I use enzymatic toothpaste, but if I find any tartar build up, I use a dental scaler.

I have American Cockers too, and they seem to get more tartar than the Irish. There is a great deal of satisfaction to cracking off large pieces of tartar revealing sparkling white teeth beneath.

Large raw bones are a good way of cleaning the teeth too, if you can put up with the greasy mess and the smell.
My setter Zoe has a couple of raw marrow bones a week. As do my greyhounds they all have lovely clean teeth. My friend gets bones for my dogs from her butcher she has smaller rib bones for her whippets and told her butcher she also has 2 big dogs. He saves her 4 big marrow bones every week which she gives me for my dogs.
Clean teeth is my worst nightmare....I lost a 9 year old dog a few years ago as the vet said to me his teeth were dirty and they needed cleaning. The next day my lovely dog had beautiful white teeth but had died as a result of the G.A. So I said to the vet I prefer a dog alive with slightly dirty teeth than a dead dog. I know very cynical but since then I will do anything 'natural' to keep their teeth as 'clean' as possible.This will include denta sticks, bones, gel or 'plaque-off' in their food but if the teeth are not brilliant white....well never mind at least they are alive
G.A. = General Anaesthetic ....I shortened it because I always have problem spelling it. When I get told by a vet that this should be done again , I always tell them my story and I end up giving them a big bone to clean as much as possible naturally.
Hi Christine,I also used to give Zeus 'Dentastix" after his meals.  He thought it was a treat and would sit by his cupboard for them.  He had lovely teeth even at the age of ten, which is when we lost him.  Whether they do really work or whether its just co-incidence who knows!
I have found a pet shop which sells cows hooves, the dogs just chew on them like they would a bone and these are really good for cleaning the teeth and whats more the dogs love them.
The best way I found to keep my dogs teeth clean is a roast bone every 6 weeks(they chew on them for a few weeks!!) All of mine also are fed on dry complete food with just a little water added at the last minute(no tinned meat!!) They all have white teeth including 8 year old Rua!
Hi Christine!

Good question, I would like to ask the same. All the vets tell you to brush your dog's teeth. However, the breeder told me that bones are enough to keep their teeth clean. We brushed our dogs' teeth twice or three times maximum. I am not so sure whether brushing their teeth is just money making progpaganda by the toothpaste industry? An am waiting for a lot of answers to your question.
i give large bones that i get for free from the butcher - and use my nail in case some brownish stuff appears :-) (cheap solution, hehe)
Feed raw meat like chicken carcases, soft and hard bones, large crunchy dog biscuits like Bonios, chunks of oven dried stale bread, and raw vegetables like whole raw carrots and broccoli stalks. Avoid canned or any other kind of wet dog food. I have never had to clean any of my dogs' teeth ever.




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