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I often check Reuben's nails but they never seem to need clipping. Should I be doing them regularly? he does some pavement walking as well as off lead so maybe he just wears them down. His dew claws are curving now though so do i do these as per his normal ones?

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interesting!! I keep a close eye on the Oberon's nails (but he's just 5 months old now) since I am wondering he can scratch his ears/eyes while playing, if they are too long. The paws are nice and clean and I visited a few vets/parlors (just popping in and asking advice, there are several dog groomers close to our house so we met them regularly while going out), all them so far said he still doesnt need to be trimmed. So I never did so far..

I understand the "rule" is trimming if the nails are a bit curled/over and they make tipping noise while walking. Oberon walks also regularly on pavement/streets, not only in the woods, so maybe he needs a bit less.. But I never filed them every couple of weeks, at least not so far.. What is your experience, was somebody trimming the nails even at such early age ( a few months only)? I am a bit nervous at trimming, and my husband as well (we are been always scared of doing too much and hurting, also with all our past dogs;)), so we'll definitely go to a vet/groomer for that :)

I certainly dont' want to risk to hurt him with trimming, otherwise then he becomes nervous also when we check his paws regularly and daily after walks and we lose this wonderful daily toilet routines, that he likes so much :)

the same me - every 7 to 14 days, I love short nails and I cut them very regularly! (and one more thing is great - to not hearing my dog walking in the house)
yes, i hate it too to wake up in the middle of the night when they go and drink :-)
Once a week...and even if at times its only a tiny bit...
Starting from the day you bring them home, weekly for us. So they get used to it mostly. We clip and dremol file both. My dogs never have had dew claws. They were removed by the breeders.




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