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I would welcome input, Dublin had a seizure about an hour ago....UPDATE

Dub has epilepsy. He has had 3 more seizures since last night. We started him on the pheno this morning and so far not so great but we are hoping. The vet is concerned because he is clustering but he is settled now and we will take him to the hospital overnight if things get bad. Such a gorgous dog, such a tragic turn of events the past two weeks. I wish things were how there were before but I can't go back now. I didn't think it would progress this fast.

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My first Setter Chelsea had issues with seizures. The first time was so scary, I thought I was going to lose her. As I recall, the vet didn't even prescribe any medication (this was about 10 years ago). Whenever it happened, I would just hold her tight for the 5-7 minute period till it subsided.

Glad that Dub is doing well and great to know that there are medical options now. Please keep us posted.
Hello Susan,
I am pleased to hear Dublin is doing ok on his initial treatment. It will be a rollercoaster ride for you yet, but hopefully you will both be able to lead a reasonably normal life once Dublin's epilepsy is under control. I know it is sad that things will never be quite the same as before - but hopefully over time you will both come to terms and be able to live with the condition.

In the most recent newsletter of the Irish Setter Breeder's Club (UK) there is a long article by Michelle Webster who writes about living with an epileptic setter. I am sure she would send it to you if you are interested.

Wishing you all the best
Susan Stone
You can find Michelle's article on my website about epilepsy aswell:
I have just read your article, Michelle. It is EXCELLENT. Thank you for putting so much information and your own thoughts into it.... how good to get to the end of the 'roller-coaster' story and find not only comfort but hope!

The very important message is "Fitting or Seizure is not always Epilepsy" - dogs fit for many different reasons, but it is imperitive that owners find out why the fitting/seizures occur and find out as quickly as possible.

Having read all the experiences of mailers on this topic, I can only say how much I commend your spirit and love of your dogs.

Well done Setter people.
Hi Ann,
Thanks for the comments, I'm delighted to know that my article helps and that others have found the information useful.
It is an excellent article Michelle!
Thank you for the link Astrid!
yes michele very good reading and how you coped with geordie.glad hes getting there now.i hope susan finds a lot of comfort and her fears ease a little after she reads this.when something happens to our dear little red heads your world turns upside down,inside out then you think.they have been put to us for a reason.we there to care for them ,guide them and with loads of tlc and understanding help them to lead as normal a life as they possibly can whatever the disability they have.we owe it to them
The article by Michelle is so great. Hits the nail on the head. Just how I am feeling at this time. My first knee jerk reaction was to give up. Move on and start over. But that isn't who I am. I am more of a problem solver than a quitter. So we started the journey of meds, tests and specialists. So far he isn't falling down on the meds. Third day today and he is a slight, very slight been clumbsy but not noticeable to anyone else who doesn't know how smooth he normally is. He still chases some butterflies, squirrels and even wanted to play frizbee for a few minutes last night. He seems to just want to lay on the grass out in front and watch the world going by. He didn't want to get in the car to go for a woodsy walk, so I let him guide me on what he felt up for. I was told to not push him but encourage him to get out a bit each day otherwise he would just sleep. I am angry, sad and feel cheated. I just came off a sick dog so I felt this was going to be a fun time. Just when he was trained, relaxed and growing into a regal setter, this happened. I am no saint. I am not sure why I was picked for this dog, but I was. So be it. I will figure out a way to make it work. He will have to left alone for a couple hours a day. I have no choice, I have to work. But we have staggered schedules my husband and I so he won't ever have days alone. But hours, yes he will. I have covered the couch so he can't wet it anymore. Gated stairs so he can't fall. He has had two grand mal's when we weren't home. And he was frightened but safe. If I don't work I can't take care of him or my family. And if it turns out this is all in vane and it doesn't work out, I will cross those bridges with my family and do what is best for all of us. For now we will press on. And hope that he is one of the success stories and not the failures. Either way I know that we will sleep better knowing we gave him the chance to live.
hi susan so glad you found micheles experience with geordie great.at least you know now there is a chance for dublin and at least you are giving him that chance love.well done
the emotions you are feeling are normal for what you and your family and dubs is going through.i felt exactly the same,my world fell apart in a couple of days ,we wouldnt be human if we didnt have these feelings these little darlings are our family .just take each day as it comes with him and lets hope and hope he settles down with the medication.treat him as though hes normal (we know hes not but he will stillbe doing everything he did before so to speak) i think personally you are doing every thing right making sure hes in a safe environment when you are not at home is all you can do but im sure hell sleep when youre not at home.and remember if it
turns out all in vain youve tried and done whats best for dublin,but hey hes going to be a success story hes got a family to be pround of and they all love him.
try and remain positive susan and dont forget we are all her to give you as much support as we can and share this journey you have to make
hugs lyn xxxx
I do have one question. I am torn each day deciding what to do with him as far as exercise. Do I go out with him. Leach walks don't really cut it for him. Stresses him to approach other dogs on a leach. Remember he is leach reactive at times because he is usually greeting dogs off leach, more natural. His seizures have been after he was out in the heat for a couple hours at the dog park. So should I try a short stint there. A small walk and back home again for starters. I am confused. Do you keep them in the house or yard and not get out for a while you think? I need to be reprogrammed because for two years I came home from work, rain, sleet or snow and grabbed him and off we went for our time together. Two three hours a day we would be out. Relaxing and also playing. So I am unsure what to do. I am afraid to change his routine to the point that he is depressed. Sitting in the house is so unstimulating for dogs. But is stimulation what is causing seizures? I wish someone would just help me figure out these smaller daily things! I can read about what to do in seizures and tests etc. Its the practical life things that I need some ideas about. What worked for you, what should be avoided at first etc. He is a bit more wobbily today that the past two days. Is that normal? Third day on the drugs.

you don't have to change much in the daily walks. Only after a seizure I keep Ginger on a leach for a few days until she is back to herself. There are things that can cause seizures: preservatives in dogfood, flashing lights, vaccinations, strong smelling things like paint, perfume, fleaspray etc.

It is normal that Dublin is wobbly. The good news is that this will be over after 3 weeks.




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