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Yesterday when Vito and I went for a walk I was thinking about what I would do in a different way if I could turn back time... concerning his training and education...


I think, looking back I should have started with Clickertraining much earlier, when he was a puppy!

And it`s a pity I found my excellent dog trainer a little bit to late, well it`s never to late to learn, especially when it comes to an Irish Setter... but... it`s nothing fundamental I would change...but a few things, yes, definitely.


I was talking about this with a good friend, too. She lost her labrador last year far too soon and will hopefully get a puppy the next months. She said to me that she would train this dog more precisely, with more consequence... I could understand what she said very well as I sometimes think that if I had a second dog again I would do some things in a different way...


What would you change if you could turn back time?



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I would have done more homework on breeders before getting Dublin. Although he brought so much joy to our lives, the heart ache was almost to much to bear. But I learned from that experience and now have made a better choice. As long as we learn from mistakes, they aren't mistakes at all but life lessons we take with us. I am sure each of us have learned something new from every dog that has shared our lives no matter how much we thought we knew.
I would not have gone into one of our local fields. When my bitch was only 6 months she was attacked by 2 dogs in a field. She was on a lead but the 2 dogs where running free, The 2 men with the dogs did nothing and I ha d to lie on top of her to stop then getting to her. This has left me terrified of other dogs now. My whole dog walking experience changed from that day and now I am always looking over my shoulder for any dogs off lead, even when I am in town with her. I am nervous now with strange dogs, until that day I had never been like that.

I would def turn back the clock to that very day and time and walk her somewhere else.
Oh Denise that stinks! I don't like to walk my dog thru the neighborhood either. I get freaked when stray dogs just charge at us. So many do not follow leash laws and have their dogs outside thinking they will stay with them. I started to carry this citronella type spray with me in case it happens. Knowing me in a panic, I will probably spray Cash and myself before I get my aim right to ward off the attackers!
I do carry a 3 in 1 spray alarm. I also take a large walking pole. When dogs are on leads I am fine. I do run her in fields belonging to friends which I know are safe. I also take her to ringcraft and to meet other dogs I know, so she does not get upset with all dogs.
I do walk with my husband sometimes but he says that I get so uptight and a nice relaxing walk ends up putting him on edge too as I am always on the look out. I will get over it in time I hope, I am working on it.

My bitch has been the best thing ever and I just can't imagine life without her now. She is such a joy, my best friend and just great to have in our lives.
Wonderful, Cornelia:-))
Now if I could just have that in german for my website..?
I've often thought I should do a questionnaire asking all puppy buyers this kind of question - and if they had any regrets...
Good idea that Susan........I provide a very extensive instruction, diet & 'do's & 'don't' sheet with every puppy I sell.......often wondered how useful it is, or if I am 'bombarding' new owners with too much info........a little audit sounds like a good idea! :)




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