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Hello, I just had a little reunion of Frost's family. I noticed that all of his brothers and sisters
are way heavyer. Frost is a really active dog and eats more that twice the recommended food a day. He weighs 18,5 kilo's and was born on the 10th of august. Í'm curious what others think. Should I give him more food?

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I get this comments from both. I dont care about the people who doesnt have any idea about irish setters and their skinny aperiance. What bothers me are people who also own irish setters. Nobody belives me she has that much kilos. And you are right, she is very active and I also think muscles are heavier. Thank you very much for your opinion. :-)
Setters definately should not be like golden retrievers or any of the heavier breeds!! 28kilos is good for a bitch!! Both my girls are under that weight and they are a bit too heavy at the moment. Milo is about 28kilos and he is a large male but with covered ribs! No extra fat at all! Lots of muscle.
Hi there, I find it very interesting that like yourself I too have a very thin Irish of Caspians breeding, he is four years old now and eats very well, although he is very fussy with his food, he also had only one testicle, which has now been removed and he has been vasectomised, but I did not want him castrated because he would loose all his shiny coat. He is in great condition coat wise, although he does not have a thick coat, he weighed at last check 25kgs, I have had a faecal check and found no worm eggs or larvea, I aslo wormed him for Giardia, as we sometimes go where there are ponds, and normal worming tablets do not treat this problem, I used Panacur granules over the course of several days. My dogs have just been in kennels for 2 weeks while we were on holiday, they were fed Royal Canine Vet Maxi and consumed a 14kg bag in two weeks, hence my other setter who is not yet 2 years came home rather fat.....I am now trying to fatten Chance the older one up supervising his eating and making sure he gets all his food, and watching that Jet the younger one does not steal his food.....I am at my wits end as to why I cannot get any weight on Chance, but feel he is quite a stressful dog, and perhaps that is his problem. I have been trying them on raw chicken wings which he just loves and continuing with the dry food too. Its only been a week now, so I would be interested to read any more comments on this subject. Regards Linda
Hi Linda,
Milo also was too thin up to recently! But he is now a changed dog since I changed his food to a gluten,wheat free variety(english food called csj) His coat has improved(always too thin) his colour has darkened and his hips are finally covered properly(huge difference) Milo will never be a fat dog(which is good) He was a fussy eater before this food also!!! Check out website www.csjk9.com I have put all my dogs onto it now!!




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