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Don't know if I am putting this in the right place as I am new to the site.  This is my first Setter she is 9 weeks old and I just adore her!!!

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Hello and welcome! She is a lovely looking puppy and I hope you have lots of fun with her.
My pup Reuben will be 1 at the end of next month and is an absolute joy to have in the family.
Hi Y,
Holly is so pretty! Funny, she reminds me of my Maevie as a babe - just the look :)
Wishing you many years of joy together - I know you'll have lots of laughs, 'cos with a setter, that's guaranteed.
Ruth funny that considering she is Ella's baby!!!! Hope you are well are you going to SKC? I will probably see you there.
She is adorable, you have chosen the best breed in the world. Welcome to the site!
Thank you, yes they have a way of winning you over...thank you for the welcome.
What pretty wee girl and I love her name....
Call me Psychic eh? There really is an expression of Auntie Maevie there - "the face that launched a thousand shampoo bottles". Yes, we plan to go to SKC - got the passes today in the post. i'll be wearing out Dee's grooming and trimming DVD before then. I'm certain the dogs recognise her voice on the computer and slope off to keep a low profile well away from the grooming bag. All our best wishes to you all. I hope Cassie is enjoying her new wee sister.
Thank you Ruth, yes Psychic indeed, and Cassie is loving Holly
She is truly beautiful. Love the name too. Big X to Holly.
Welcome to the world of setter lovers - you are exactly in the right place!

Holly is an adorable addition to our forum. Hope we will hear a lot and see lots of photos.
She's SO CUTE! Seriously, is it possible to look into the face of an irish setter puppy and not melt? Thanks for posting!
Welcome both of you to a lovely setter site.....Holly is a very pretty pup love her and enjoy each other...Sue




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