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Are there any national Kennel Clubs or breed clubs which have upper limits on COI? What happened with the Dutch proposal of 5%? Was this implemented? Which kennel clubs keep data on COIs?

Are there any other breed clubs or kennel clubs which may be considering doing this?

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I would also like to ask another question? What do you think is desirable  COI to aim for to breed healthy dogs?

If Kennel clubs or breed clubs were to require or recommend a maximum COI, what do you think it should be?

What is "COI"? I am from Czech republic and I don't know about it...
Tonda, COI is  (Coefficient of Inbreeding) and there is another very interesting discussion on the site about it. Hope this help  :-)

Thanks Chantal! That's interesting! We don't have anything like that, in Czech republic. But, I thing, it is good idea... There are many dogs, so we needn't use close inbreeding, I think. But, question is about border...

Exist somewhere "easy to use" COI calculator? (Enter names of dogs and calculate coi index?)

Have a nice day!

May I pose a question........Are we to believe that COI alone will be the cure-all to our breeding problems? Should we not also rely on our knowledge and research into what might constitute a "healthy" line and what lines to avoid, even though they might be termed as outcross. My concern is being coerced into using dogs I would normally avoid just to comply with an inflexible COI threshold so I would be very wary of setting a maximum figure without serious consultation.
Are we discussing the use of a low COI to reducing unthriftiness in dogs and of increasing general health or are we talking of eliminating specific afflictions because for the latter we need an absolute knowledge of their genetic footprint and if there is one.
Personally I dont think COI is the main issue when it comes to breeding healthy dogs! Yes it is helpful, not to breed too closely! But I would love a register to list health issues, of stud dogs and brood bitches, to help avoid things like entropian, ectropian, bloat, hip problems, epilepsy etc., You can outcross all you like, but you may be adding health problems into your lines if you dont have a full history of the stud dog or brood bitch!!
I agree with you Carmel!
Agree totally with your Carmel! cannot wait until the day we will have a compulsory list of health issues for stud dogs and brood bitches.

Low COI alone wont guarantee  healthy dogs, it has to be combined with selecting healthy dogs to breed from

But putting a ceiling on COIs at least reduces the incidence of some health problems longer term

The information I was really looking for is whether any kennel clubs or breed clubs have put a ceiling on COIs.

Or made any recommendations about reducing COIs, or setting targets.

Was the plan to reduce COI in Holland to 5% implemented? if so, how is it working?


Can I give you some figures about COIs in litters of IRWS bred in the UK in the last ten years , and ask what you think of them? I think they are much too high , others think the breed is healthy and are not worried

In total 147 litters

COIs 10% or lower            20 litters

COIs 11-20%                    65

COIs 21-30%                    45

COIs 30 and higher%         17


The average COI of IRWS Sh Ch in the UK of the last ten years is around 22%, and varies from around 9.5% to 36.6%


The average COI of the FTCH IRWS in Ireland is around 14%, with only one FTCh having a COI above 20%

Any comments? Should we be trying to get the COIs down?

I wonder if somebody has the same figures available for Irish Setters (Red)? We have many more litters each year....what is the COI there? Does anybody knows? Or is there anywhere we can find this out?




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