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I'm looking for photos of the dogs who are in pedigree of my IRWS girl.

- Charly Von Royal
- Roxi Von Royal
- Hispearl Von Royal
- Goldie Von Royal
- Moanruad Timothy
- Moanruad Stardust
- Moanruad Of Connor
- Moanruad Garth
- Moanruad Dahlia
- Moanruad Brendan
- Moanruad My Girl
- Clontarf Nabrakmore


Maybe somebody will help me.

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Try the website off sir Jockwig  irish red setter von Royal.de



I'd be very interested in that line too - Moanruad Stardust was gt-grandfather of our MC/Tartuffe (Agivey Grouse)
Have you asked Margaret wha she has?
I suggest you get hold of he Book 'The Irish Red Setter' Its history, character and training - by Raymond O'Dwyer. It contains some super photographs of the Moanruads and Sheantullaghs.
and you might be able to buy a copy of that from Dalriach Books
thanks for the advice. Couldn't find it at Dalriach books, but Amazon has it.

thank you all!

I found three photos,


Hispearl Von Royal:




Moanruad Stardust:

























Moanruad Timothy:

Hey Judyta,

I've just read your question (2011!), hopefully it is still actual~

Herewith a photo of  Chico von Royal, brother of Charly von Royal.
My late husband, Rembrandt Kersten, and I were Chico's owners

Chico was a superb hunter, also gained a res. CACIT.

This litter was superb!! : Cherry etc.
Sincerely Elisabeth Kersten


HI Judyta,

Raymond O'Dwyer's book The Irish Red Setter has a large number of old photos in it in the section that looks at dogs from the late, 1950's to 1995. You may find your Moanraud dogs there






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