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I live in suburban chicago and we have had already a HOT HUMID summer.  But this week is a heat wave from hell.  It has been hovering around 95-100 and will be this way through next weekend.  Other than taking the dog swimming, which doesn't cool me off in the least, what do you all do when the temps are this bad and you have to exercise your dog.  I try to remember how much I complained about the sub zero blizzards not long ago!

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Sue ....I know where you are coming from.  I have resorted to early, early walks and late evening walks with Molly here.  She also has decided when she goes out in the middle of the day that one of us should sit on the patio and watch her shadow hunting...so I have resorted to nice, tall cold drinks and an old fashion fan to at least move the air a wee bit.  I was thinking a wee bit of snow tomorrow morning would be much appreciated here in St Louis!  Thinking I may resort to running thru the sprinkler with her if this continues.:)
Ever think of emigrating over here Sue? You'll never have to worry about a heat wave....ever again!!!
You can say that again James....summer so far where I live consists of thunderstorms, downpours and 20C...  if you are lucky!   But I am getting a nice British sun tan.....it's a nicer shade of blue than I had last year :-))
It would be good!  You have all of these wonderful places you can let your dogs run free.  If I did that I would have a dog running in traffic.  We have been taking him swimming each evening.  He seems like he is getting bored with that and wants to run in his fields again, but that won't happen for a least another week.  Chicago is the land of extreme weather for sure.  Blizzards and sub zero to hot sticky humidity.  It seems to be worse every year.  I will take Cash for a nice indoor walk today in the pet stores.  At least he can stretch his legs a bit while we wait for evening to arrive.

We actually have had a cooler summer than we usally do - we haven't had 40ºC days yet!

When it gets really hot, I just loose all my shame and swim with them - old clothes and not thinking about mud helps!

If I can't swim with them, I take a fresh bottle of water and suck it up!

Sorry guys I think the bad summer and rain may be my fault. When I left New Zealand it was raining and hubby said it has rained everyday since. Looks like I brought the rain and cooler temperatures with me :-), SORRY. The UK is still great though even with the rain. I must remember to take it back with me on the 28. XXX




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