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It is with sadness that we tell everyone that our Freddie (Konakela Red Admiral at Ixia) has Late Onset PRA - not to be confused with PRA (rcd 1 ) which is virtually eradicated in our breed

He was seen by our vet in late April who said it looked like a retinal atrophy. He then had a consultation with an eye specialist who agreed it was LOPRA. 

We then saw Ian Mason who although now retired still does his work for the KC, he confirmed the diagnosis. He tested Jen's eyes and said that they were healthy and he would have expected to see some degeneration if she was affected.

Just as I was about to publish a (similar) letter, we decided to ring Meg Webb, first in her capacity on SEISC but also because she had personal experience. Meg was very helpful and explained that a few other Irish had been diagnosed with LOPRA and a couple had been found to have PRA (rcd 4) which is usually found in elderly Gordon Setters. 

Freddie (aged 4) has been DNA  tested and diagnosed with PRA (rcd 4)

The reason we have not talked about this before is because the SEISC and the AHT asked us not to go public until they had a few answers, i.e. they will very soon allow Irish to be tested for PRA (rcd 4).

Pat Harris has been as helpful and supportive as she could possibly be.

We have been as honest as we can and hope for your support in this.

It has been a very upsetting time.

PS Freddie wonders what all the fuss is about, he says he's fine! 

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Deb, so sorry to hear about Freddie's diagnosis.  I can't imagine how it feels to have this news.  Thank-you for sharing your painful time.  I hope Freddie adjusts very well and lives a long healthy life.

I am so sorry, we here in the States always DNA and have for many years,PRA is pretty much gone here. Now if we could find a DNA for epilpisy

Anne, PRArcd4 is not PRArcd1 which has had a DNA test for ages - PRArcd4 DNA test has only just been perfected.


Anne, the rcd 4 test has until now only been available to Gordon Setters (since last year).

They have had very late onset, in that mostly it's diagnosed at 8- 10 years. 

Because it has now been found in Irish, the AHT are making it available (from Aug1st) to Irish.

Our Freddie (age 4 ) is one of the youngest found, most of the others have been much older- more like Gordons. 




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