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Due to problems accessing the AHT website Dr Nigel Holmes has kindly agreed to extend the "promotional code" for the South fo England Irish Setter Club until 31st August. Unfortunately the original code cannot still be used so a new one has had to  be issued and will have to be obtained again from the SEISCwebmaster. The AHT apologises for any inconvenience caused!

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or  some affected from carrier / carrier, it seems

I just copied this off the SEISC website, so may help those who need something more visual!


Statement from SEISC website: "It is important to realise, with the exception of affected to affected and clear to clear, the percentages are only statistical and will vary from litter to litter."

I just reread my last post and the statement that made me post has been deleted, so it sounds like I'm just having a moan!

Nothing could be further from the truth, we have been astounded at the messages of support that we have received and from so many people around the world.

As I said on facebook, Irish Setter people are like their dogs 'demonstratively affectionate'!  :-) 


Thnaks Deb, I agree.  Never thought of it like that!
Deb, I read your post last evening and looked for the post that you had responded to and couldn't find it then.  One would have thought that if they felt guilty about what they had written they would have at least apologised and left the post in place.  It doesn't look like you are moaning but I know what you mean as I have posted on forums only for it to turn up in the wrong place or a previous post be deleted and then what you have written can look stupid or not even relevant.  Anyway at the moment you know you have the support of the majority of people in the breed, of course no one has done anything wrong and it is only people who have actually bred a litter that will know how anyone is feeling at this time.  I was also saddened last evening to look at the lists of clears, carriers and affecteds for Gordon Setters on the KC website.  They too must have had an anxious time over the last few months and have a large percentage of carriers and affecteds in the breed.  Thank goodness we can now go forward and eradicate one more problem in both breeds.




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