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I get the impression that some here think the perfect Irish setter is either kennel specific/country specific/inbred or outbred specific/beauty versus function specific/or just some nebulous specific.  If it is not out of an English pure kennel, then somehow it has  been contaminated.  If it has been bred to a US Irish setter - most of which go back to English kennels-   then somehow AKC has influenced and contaminated their line.  If it has too much or too little coat-straight or wavy, what to do or apologize for?  So what do most of you look for when breeding and how open is your mind to other kennels/other types/other countries and types when you consider breeding?  Are most here willing to go out of the box and take a chance or stay with what they think they know and continue on as they always have?      

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"I also reckon that we in Australia could benefit from a quality dog or seamen from Uk or Europe."

I think you'll find there are a few of us doing this :) :) Myra has purely UK/European lines, as do several others, including Cheryl, and I have of course just imported my lovely new bitch, Aneira (from Jingles and Molly).
I most definately agree with you Melinda, the quality is most certainly there. You have Myra with the Wendover and Swedish stock, Cheryl now has a little girl from June Walsh, Carmel Stringfellow and Helen Stevens have introduced the Kirkavagh lines to Australia, Marie Blowers has Swedish lines and you now have a Jingles daughter. Even here in NZ Rhys Dwyer has imported a lovely girl from the Romarne Kennels, Don Emms has a Kirkavagh import, Sharyn Latchford has Swedish lines and I have imported a dog combining the Coppers and Dubliner lines. So how many more good quality UK and European lines are needed?.
Well said
Can I just remind folk the origin of our beautiful breed is in the name----Irish setter . Unfortunately some have lost their way the breed standard is forgotten at shows in order to place ones friends and influence people, faults are ignored and winning kennels are favoured for breeding.
I believe breeders have a responsibility to the breed to only breed from healthy sound animals, as far as they are aware. Some things like entropian/ extrop may not come through in a litter for generations and the breeder may not have been aware that it is a possibility unless they have had the same lines for several generations.
There is no such thing as the perfect setter although most owners will say they have it.One can only do their best in ensuring the breed continues to be healthy and enjoyed for generations to come by responsible breeding from whatever kennels.

Hi All.

Well here we go again. I don't believe there has been an infusion of Afghan blood in US bred dogs. The Afghan comes in all hound colours and is more closely related to the mesopetanian dog and therefore will more dominant genes. The red colour is not dominant gene as most IS crosses will bear the colour of the cross. (You can only get one or the other, they wont melt intoeach other) It would take at least 8 generations to breed this out not to mention equipment to find out what genes the offspring are carrying, technology they would not have back then. I have seen IS that look like the dogs in Cheryl's clipping/attachment with no US blood whatever ,just lack of grooming and care.   Over the years the US have bred for a more showy dog and this meant more coat and big striding dogs. They may have forgotten all about other things like head, shoulders and over angulation. Straight shoulders and over angulation causes the over striding and hackneyed gaits that have appeared. (Lately in Australia). Some also resembled long haired dachunds on steroids. The unfortunate thing in Australia many breeders believe if its not imp its inferior.We have had many second string dogs exported to Australia from both US and UK. I believe the English have improved their grooming and are breeding more for the glamour side of the breed. It only stands to reason ,anyone would pick a glamour over a plain Jane or Jack.The US heads vary a lot as do UK heads.  It just comes down to the fact that we have different types and we will just have to live and show with it. Who's right and who's wrong will never be resolved. Care with breeding is what is required. Everyone to their own. Could bable on for ages so just remember that all our IS are special and we all take the best one home.

Cheers Rick




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