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Problems ordering a PRA-rcd4 testing kit from the AHT

I have spent nearly an hour trying to order a testing kit from the AHT and when I get to the last bit where it says Congratulations, your order qualifies for FREE shipping!! press PROCEED to continue, I press PROCEED and it tells me
Page Not Found
We're sorry, the page you've requested does not exist on our site.

Return to our homepage. I tried loads of times and get the same thing each time.

I have tried ringing them but get an answer machine saying to leave a message and they will get back to me but that will probably be tomorrow when I am at work and not at my computer.

Anyone else had any problems?

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Lesley would only have to test two of her bitches(bred by me) if after testing their mothers(Rua and Cara) and fathers(owned by two well known breeders) we discover they are carriers or affected!! If they are clears then testing will not be necessary!! And as she is not breeding from her two Clannrua bitches she can wait a few months for results from  the parents to come through first! I will be testing Rua and Cara very soon also(just cannot afford to do all together!)

I agree Carmel.  I have ordered my test kit for Louis and keeping my fingers very much crossed.  If all the bitches mated to Louis are tested then their children would only need to be done if either he or any one bitch gets a positive result.  Let us first get the breeding stock done and those that have already produced litters before we start bombarding the AHT with test samples.  The AHT is the only centre for this and samples are coming in from overseas as well. 

As Carmel says the hereditary clears will not need to be tested.

Yes Eva, I feel breeding stock first and wait to see the results of existing litters! And also testing of stock who will be mated very soon (like my Abbey!!)  Fingers very much crossed here too;o)) I think the AHT will be under severe pressure!!

Well Carmel I finally managed to get through the ordering process today and my order no. is 2510 so the AHT have already sent off a hell of a lot of test kits!!!!  God knows how long it will take to get the results.  I will keep my fingers crossed for your Abbey that her result comes back before she is mated and that it is clear.  I presume the potential sire is being tested too.
I hope it doesnt take too long either!! Yes the potential sire is being tested too!!
Spoke to the AHT today re multiple orders as i was unable to proceed to the payment page last night. They have said that they have discovered a glitch in the system re multiple orders in :-UK,SOUTH AFRICA AND GERMANY at the moment.Holland seemed to be ok. They have asked me to put this info on the internet site and said their IT team are working on it but it seems to be random countries which is making it harder to sort out.They have advised that people may have to do the ordering individually.

They advised that the results should be back between 2 and 3 weeks from receipt of the returned kit. The order numbers are just that, for all the genetic tests that they do, that have been ordered as like Eva my nos were 2500,s but have been assured that these are not all rcd4 kits.



I was given the same information by the AHT. The numbers are only order numbers and do not reflect the rcd 4 kits ordered. I don't think they have been 'bombarded' as some other readily assumed.......( without any proof or knowledge)

Well that is good news indeed Colette and Catherine.  You are right Catherine, when my order number came up, and having talked to friends overseas who had all ordered multiple kits, were having many of their dogs done and knowing that the AHT is the only testing centre for PRArcd-4 I did readily assume that the AHT would be swamped and I am relieved to be wrong.  I am very glad to hear that the results should be back within 2-3 weeks. 
Thanks for the new info Colette and Angela;o))

Thanks Colette for that information, as I said earlier I am having two bitches tested and after a whole evening of trying I tried doing them individually and it worked, I had spent so long on it I was determined to get it to work.  


As for the AHT being bombarded with samples.  They must cope with larger quantities than they will be getting for PRA-rcd4 as earlier this year a DNA test was introduced for Golden Retrievers for GR_PRA1 and being a numerically strong breed they must have had a large request from them.  I am sure that a lot of owners are hoping that by waiting a little while they will get to know the status of other dogs they own by knowing the results of their sires & dams.  Only makes sense but with some dogs now being hereditary clear of PRA-rcd1 and CLAD for a few generations rumour has it there may be an introduction that breeding stock can only be hereditary clear for one generation before being tested again.

Angela, for PRA rcd1, it is not a 'rumour' but a concern stated by Jeff Sampson . The full details are in the latest edition of the ISBC newsletter. . It seems that it will become compulsory to DNA test breeding stock before any mating to take place as it would appear that there is a fundamental flaw in accepting hereditary clear as opposed to tested clear.
I think that the 'hereditary' status is going to be a bit difficult in the future, these 'Mutant' genes seem to be popping up ''willy nilly'' so we are going to have to test your breeding stock much more than we did before...and don't take it for granted that there isn't a problem...but thats just the way I see it...




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