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Problems ordering a PRA-rcd4 testing kit from the AHT

I have spent nearly an hour trying to order a testing kit from the AHT and when I get to the last bit where it says Congratulations, your order qualifies for FREE shipping!! press PROCEED to continue, I press PROCEED and it tells me
Page Not Found
We're sorry, the page you've requested does not exist on our site.

Return to our homepage. I tried loads of times and get the same thing each time.

I have tried ringing them but get an answer machine saying to leave a message and they will get back to me but that will probably be tomorrow when I am at work and not at my computer.

Anyone else had any problems?

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I have just ordered 4 kits this afternoon. It took quite a bit of time as you have to fill in all the registrations numbers and microship numbers but....I have just had an email from the AHT saying they got my order. So I am not sure why yours did not work......

I found it difficult to get mine but eventually got there..I had the problem with the SEISC discount...that kept coming up again and again...it said proceed, and when I did, it went back to a page that wanted all the details...don't know how I did it but got there in the end..
I had no problems getting the discount number in but I am still trying.  I think I am going to have to ring them tomorrow as everytime I go to the checkout it goes back to put my dogs details in (step 3) and then I get the same thing all over again.  I have since tried on my work laptop and when I select the test it says it needs 2ml blood in a tube, I think I have broken it!
Hi Angela, I ordered  all  mine  Wed  as I had problems  Mon & Tues,,,once details were in I had no probs  x
Angela that is what happened to me, try scroling down on the last page before is sends you back to page 3 I found I was going round and round in ever decressing circles....(perhaps they hope that we will dissapear up our own exhaust pipes. lol) but give it a try I had the Eureka moment then...good luck...;o))
I didnt order it myself, as I dont have a credit card! But my Vets here ordered it, and it arrived today and Abbey's sample will be posted to AHT tomorrow!! I dont think they had any problem ordering it though! Maybe their system is under pressure from so many orders at once;o))) Good that everyone is so keen to test;o)
Thanks everyone.  It was today Mel, I started at 5pm and have just managed to get them done.  I ordered two and had to do them seperately, that was the only way I could get it to go through.  That site is so unuser friendly.  I have emailed them to say that everytime I got the page 'Step 2,Select Test it had a message to say 'this test requires 2ml blood in an EDTA tube'.  I spoke to a friend who said she didn't get that message.  The next thing will be doing cheek swabs from Pasha as when I did them for her DNA profiling after 2 unsuccessful attempts they advised me to send blood, so they have her blood and I bet they have already tested it and know her status anyway.  I need to go to bed as I am tired, teasy and being very cynical!  But good luck everyone for 'Clears' 

They mailed me back to say the problem I was having is caused by the system being so busy.


Oh Angela....you sound just like me trying to do anything on line...(nearly threw my new computer through the window this morning...just trying to send an email)...I must say that I didn't get the 'blood' part...thank goodness. I think that I would have just given up, and maybe done what Carmel did and get the vet to get mine..Although I nearly ended up ordering 4, because I just kept going back to the order part, and duly started again and again and again, luck I looked at the 'basket' before finishing...but got there in the end..
I am so relieved that my girls do not want to have babies. Good luck to everyone for your perseverence and dedication.


Even if you don't intend breeding, you should have your bitches tested as we need to know exactly the percentage of clear and carrier in the Breed if we want to eliminate this condition.

I agree Catherine all dogs should be tested....




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