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I haven't dealt with this before unless my puppy was frightened like at the vet or in a new situation or even meeting another dog for the first time. Cash is 9 1/2 weeks, been with me now for 3 days. At first I just figured fear and cold. He is taken out in the cold snowy yard at least 2 times an hour unless it's overnight. Then maybe once, but last night slept in our bed and made it 8 hours! In bed he seems fine, but napping on the rug even on a blanket he shakes. He shakes if I am picking him up to go on the stairs or outside. And in the car he is very scared although being held by someone. I have the heat cranked up in here for him but i am thinking it is still that he is scared. How long do puppies take to settle in? He plays and seems okay but that shivering has me concerned. Nerves maybe?

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Oh I am glad you agree with me there.....also I would not like to see a DAP collar being used on a dog during any kind of test or competition.....that would definitely be seen as some form of cheating!
Just a word of advice Susan re the DAP collars & spray, I bought the DAP plugin dispenser round about Bonfire night as one of my girls dislikes fireworks. I bought it from my vet, then found I could have saved over £12 had I got it online.
Ive read through all the responses on this one and I would say if you have a puppy that you are not happy with get a vet check. have you done that?
Oh no I am very happy with him. Did it sound like that? Hopefully not, we are mad about him. He is bright and adorable and shows such promise of being lovely when grown. I just didn't have one with certain things before and wanted some guidance and reassurances. He was put on leash for the first time today and did so great. And after that exercise (we went to Petco to get out) he ate much better and is napping now. He is getting better about the car as well. It's only been four days with him and I am sure things will all smooth out. But I would never give this boy back!!!! Our breeder said that they can shiver/shake from excitement, during sleep when growing, apprehension etc. That I should not worry about it at all. Just go about our day and don't coddle him. And yes he has seen our vet and is fine, also going back for a shot this weekend as well.
I don't think that Ossian meant that you weren't liking him, but I think what she means that you are worried about him, and if you are worried get him checked out by your vet and specifically say that you aren't happy with his health, re the shaking, he is obviously healthy otherwise by what you have told us about him (I know that it took a few times for me to go back to the vet to find out there there was allergic reactions to food with my girl), but if you still aren't happy then keep trying, you have got to live with him and if you are worried, then get him checked out, you will have to put your mind at rest and that is the only way, getting him checked out...and if the vet says that there isn't anything wrong then you will be able to put it out of your mind and just realise that it is one of his little quirks,
Dee thank you - its true

I run training classes and I find all new puppy owners, even the experienced ones, have a wobble now and again when puppy does something they havent experienced.

Wont be the first time I have had a little dish os "scrambled egg, another of cooked chicken and another one with some tripe or something because puppy didnt like.

You have to shake yourself.

But I think the danger of coming on list is that we are all at a distance from the situation and able to look at it calmly. If you have any qualms about a behaviour you see then first port of call is your breeder (if you have the right relatonship) and then the vet. Specualtion on a list for a novice is just confusing!
Yes Ossian my breeder just spoke to me last night and reassured me that shaking/shivering is normal for some puppies and it can be excitement, apprehension, cold etc. She reminds me to go about my business and let the puppy adjust to our lives and not the other way around.
Hi Susan!
Hope you are having lots of fun with your new puppie!
My 5 month old Romã, who was born in my home and who is very regularly checked by lots of vets, is considered to be a very healthy young IRS!
However she does exaclty wht your puppie does, if I understood it correctly. She will shiver if she is excited, cold, frigntened, worried, hungry, when she meets ohter dogs, .... Everytime there is a change in her mood or in the environment her frst reaction is to shiver, then after a while she is back to normal. And as I said to you, she is completely healthy!
I'm also currently dealing with car fear at the moment. What I do is go regularly to the car, give plenty of praise, toys, biscuits inside the car, sometimes I actually drive, other times I don't and it seems to be helping so far!
Thanks Teresa,
We made good strides with the car ride yesterday. He fell asleep in it on the way back so I know that meant he had relaxed. I also keep a bull stick fo him just for the ride so that it makes it special. Glad to know all is well.




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