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Recommendations for blasters/dryers for Irish

I'm thinking of buying a blaster, dryer or combination dryer for my girls.  They regularly get in a muddy mess from running free and doing their "setterly" things and I've been using towels and my own hairdryer up to now to get them dry after a sloshing down or a full blown bath.  It takes ages!  Also, I don't want to dry out their coats.  Could I have members' recommendations please?  Maeve and Bridget would emphasise that avoiding digging holes or wading in muddy ponds is not an option!

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Ruth, I was wondering the same thing myself,at the weekend ,as even though i have recently bought a slightly more powerful dryer than the one i had before it doesnt seem to have made any difference to the drying time..My new one has an output of 2000W as opposed to 1800W.Are there more significantly stronger ones out there.
Hi, I have the exact same problem you do!!!
During the day, my dogs are Setters every minute, and it does get muddy most days :). However at night they lovo sleeping in my bed, and i enjoy having them, but also enjoy not waking up covered in dirt! So bathig and drying up often comes as a big problem! I used towels and my hair dryer but it does take a long time... I've also tried doggy clothing, but they always find a way to get mud under it, so I end up cleaning them and the clothes...
But I'm with you, I'd love to hear some suggestions!!!
Thanks Colette and Teresa. Hopefully some members will come up with good suggestions. I've researched online with retailers and even phoned a couple. I've even run my Grooming Academy DVD in slo mo to look at the names of the dryers Dee is using. Hers is a professional salon and she seems to be using an Allbrooks Tornado 93 to blast the topcoat then a stand dryer for the rest. That would be a pretty costly option for two dogs. Hub advise a Commander 3 blaster to get the water off then use my own hairdryer for the feathering. I believe blasters are very loud and the combination dryers are pretty expensive.
I have just been investigating dog driers on the internet and the best that i seem to have come up with is the aeolus hercules td901 which appears to have an output of 2800w price £145 .I have to admit that i dont know the first thing about dog grooming hairdryers or any other hair dryer for that matter! But as i sometimes have to get between 4 and 5 dogs ready for a show my heart sinks at the time it all takes.The pointers dont seem to be a problem as their short coats seem to dry fairly quickly but as my setters grow more feathering show preparation is becoming a daunting task.Any help to speed up the proccess would be gratefully received.Reducing the number of dogs i enter at a show is the obvious answer ,i know, but looking to explore other options!!,
Hi Colette, This was one I liked the look of too. i would like to be able to do the finishing on the feathering etc. as well, so i think you need the variable speed and some heat for that. I just hope a happy user gets back to us recommending something before I take the leap.
Ruth, before ordering any dryer or blaster wait for our American members to come online today.....they will know exactly what to use and buy, I think!
Thanks Tania and Lynn for the suggestions. I was on the brink of ordering an Aeolus TD901 - the one Colette fancies too, when i was interrupted, then I logged on again and got Lynn's post. I am being a dither I know. Lynn do you use a grooming table? I just wondered if using the Tornado for finishing (without the hose) would be possible with the dogs at ground level.
I really don't want to use a table.
Ruth, have you checked out the Technogroom website? They are a UK based company with an excellent reputation, they do their own brand dryer/blaster which retails at £199.95 with free postage & packing.
Like Tania's it can blow cold air as well as med or hot which would be useful in the summer months; it operates at 2400 watts...it would probably fit the bill if you only want to use it to dry 1 or 2 dogs at a time.
Worth checking out.
Thanks very much for everyone's input. I really appreciate getting the advice and benefiting from others' experience. Quite honestly, I've gone into it so much, I'm starting to dream about dryers, so I took the plunge and ordered the Aeolus TD901 from Simpsons this afternoon. It sounds good value and probably a sensible choice for just two dogs, and I won't need a grooming table with it. Your grooming table solution sounds good though Lynne. I mentioned it to the other half, so I might get my own yet. I will post back once I've tried the dryer and let you know how we get on.
I will be eagerly waiting for your feed back, Ruth




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