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  We are having trouble finding an irish thru the rescue. We have been owned by 3 irish. We are willing to drive for one either a puppy or adult. Anyone know of any available irish?? Please help.


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If you pronounce it right its a very short name;o)) More like RoRi ;o))

That sounds a lot better Carmel :))

How lovely Carol....a puppy :)) I won't suggest names. When I named our boy Flame it was because of his colour but totally forgot about the Irish calling their partner there Flame....ooops!!! So I think it's best I leave the naming to other ES members. Lol. And I do apoligise if I offended any of my Irish friends :)) take care and how lucky you are.

 It's so hard to choose a name, the other irish names just came to us. This time we don't have a clue. Help.

I'm going through the same thing Carol! Been all over "Irish Baby Names", "Unusual Irish Names", "Irish Names and Their Meanings" sites and have a list of perfectly acceptable names....but....just cannot decide! lol

What about one of these for red haired boys ..

Flynn.... 'son of the red-haired one' 

Jasper    'reddish brown'  

Pheonix  'dark red' 

Rogan    'red-headed'

Rohan    red-haired

Haha, love the naming bit! We knew our pup would be Reuben as that is what we would have called any more sons we had - alas we couldn't have any more children but couldn't waste such a beautiful name! And now 3.5 yrs later our beloved Reuben is a 'Doobs', 'Reuby doos', 'Doobins' and probably a few more nicknames . Hope it all goes well for you!

  We use to call Dugan snickelfritz every once in while. Don't know how that came about. Our 2nd irish was called shaner shaner no brainer occasionally. Guess we all no why that happened. Thanks to all for the humor & ideas.

  Still don't know about the name. We have several ideas. When we saw Sir whatshis name he was just a slug with closed eyes. Every week his pics change, maybe when we pick him up the name will just hit us. Getting so anxious.

I gave up looking at rescues and went to AKC and breeders.  Found my little girl at 4 weeks, just perfect she was and picked her up on St Patricks Day of all days to bring her home, that was my final blessing it was all meant to be.  Good luck

  Good news the pup is coming home on the 28th. Names have been reduced, we are waiting to see him again to actually pick the name. Down to 3 choices. Can't wait for the antics to start. Our neighbors are as excited as we are for his arrival.

Excited for you Carol! Keep us posted when the "antics" begin!




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