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Rest In Peace Dr. Marc A. Wessels, owned by Kumara and Scarlett Rose

Hello all,

I've been inactive for the most part for a long time, but was drawn here today as I was doing an internet search for Dr. Marc A Wessels.  I had stumbled across his obituary last evening when I was checking in on the Save Our Setters website. I was looking for pictures and realized he was a fellow member here.I thought you might want to know about this. I wish I knew who he had gotten his Kumara from, I know she was from Australia/ That breeder might want to know though I suppose his wife would be in touch if they were at all close.

Here is what I had written to an email list he belonged to and very occasionally posted to always signing his posts with this :

Dr Marc A Wessels

A faith that cannot survive collision with the truth is not worth many
regrets.- Sir Arthur C. Clarke (his signature)
I  was just made aware of Marc Wessels' passing last night, the memorial service was
yesterday.(7/31/2013) I don't know how long he was a list member but I remember
wondering who this nice man was whenever he posted.I wish I had known
him. Here is a link to his obituary.He had a 12 year old Irish Setter named
Kumara whom he had evidently gotten while living in AU, and had also
adopted Scarlett from Save Our Setters a number of years ago.

My deepest sympathy goes out to his family, friends and all he ministered
to. (All the Irish at the Bridge undoubtedly met him with much love as he was so clearly devoted to this breed.)


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How very sad - my heartfelt condolences to the family! He seemed to be a wonderful person and he brought such a nice and friendly touch to ES with all his photos of his dogs, his old postcards and stamps and all the memorabilia, he collected. May he be remembered likewise by all the persons, whose lives he touched. 

Thank you for sharing this information, Ginger. My sincerest condolences to his family also. From reading his posts here on ES, he was undoubtedly a gentleman and a connoisseur of the IS. And, yes, he is with them all as we speak!

Thank you for sharing , Ginger. My condolences to his wife and family. His page is full of gorgeous photos of his setters and also old advertisements and paintings. His contributions to this site will be much missed.
How very sad. I had only recently made friends with Dr Wessels. I too imagine he's free spirit was met at the bridge by many a Rollicking Setter. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, Kumara and Scarlet. Take Care x

My sincere condolences to Marc's family.

They have said you can donate to the Save a Setter in Marc's memory. I think that would be a fitting, considering they were he's love.
I guess it can be done on line.

Oh that is so very sad, I loved seeing his pictures of Kumara.  Blessed be Marc. and man blessings to his family at this sad time. Thank you for posting Ginger.

How sad! I loved his collection of setter memorabilia, photos etc. ;) He seemed a lovely gentleman. 

Very sad, I too loved to see the photos of his Setter memorabilia,




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