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Just to make you laugh but not only did Reuben chew up a brand new passport (costing £77) that was delivered by courier when I was out. But he insists on constant jumping up on work surfaces and I have resorted to gin & tonic medication ( for me that is).
Seriously though do they ever understand the 'off' comand and how can I enforce it?

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Oh and yes I will be purchasing an outdoor lockable post office asap!
I was just going to say, before you get too "sloshed" buy yourself a post box!

I am on my third mobile this year but have now remebered to put it "safe" at night!
I think I am already sloshes Ossian as I meant post box as opposed to the whole post office - must be good gin!
Put more ice in the glass!
What is ROFL?
I think ROFL means roll on the floor laughing.....internet language I guess!
I think he is telling us we can't go on holiday without him Barbara, even though he would have a ball at his gran and gramps house! Yes I will keep up with the gentle pushes and off comand but just suffered with less patience today. Bless him
Oh and Barbara I could just picture Reuben with a G & T on our sofa!!!!
We tell Cash "off" of the counters a zillion times a day. He doesn't bother with anything on them unless I am in the kitchen. He seems to think I need his help I guess. I could leave candy on the counter all day and he won't bother it unless I am in the kitchen with him, Maybe he is training me! I can proudly say he finally stopped taking my slippers out of the closet when I am dressing. The "leave it" command has been very successful, just not the "off" command yet.
Oh Sudan what a good boy cash is if he doesn't bother with the worksurfaces unless you there. Reuben is in to everything, regarlesd where I am! Fantastic news about the slippers though. Reuben likes my slippers to use as a pillow, must be a comfort thing.
He was good on our walk today with the off comand as he actually obeyed and stayed off the crops for once.
Counter "surfing" is a big Setter thing. They do it because they can!




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