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Just to make you laugh but not only did Reuben chew up a brand new passport (costing £77) that was delivered by courier when I was out. But he insists on constant jumping up on work surfaces and I have resorted to gin & tonic medication ( for me that is).
Seriously though do they ever understand the 'off' comand and how can I enforce it?

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So funny! I too barrage poor Cosmo with a long discussion of the "whys and wherefors" of the commands and instructions he receives. He could certainly care less, but I feel much better that we had a good discussion about it all. :) Setters do what they wish ... fortunately their wishes are fairly reasonable and agreeable most of the time!
When my Roger was about 7 months old I came in the kitchen to find him with both paws on the counter and head in a hot soup!!!!! He is my 11th Irish Setter and the 1st one to do that!!! They eventually settle down and become very very obedient...it does take a lot of training and patience but Roger is now 4 years old and I can trust him anywhere in the house!
So I would not have to much G&T, just a bit more training and you will soon be there!
Yes catherine you are right as I know one day (after the terrible teens) he will calm and obey but just I personally have lower tolerance levels on some days. I hope Roger didn't burn his nose in the soup...
oh don't worry about Roger's nose...he is one of the best dogs I have had to point pheasants....totally recovered form the soup experience!
Oh sue, that made me laugh alot . So Reuben is at least a perfectly normal cheeky setter and that makes me feel better - I think ...
Keep going! I am enjoying these stories so much. I have probably too naughty of a funny story to tell of Dublin's antics. Not sure if some would find it in bad taste though. Maybe after everyone has a gin & tonic I could share it. It is a good one.
oh please tell
Oh yes, please, please tell.
yes, yes, tell....
oh gosh....
well my son was going with a girl for a couple years and he still lived at home then. She and her family moved about three hours away to Wisconsin so they only had weekends together. I agreed to allow her to stay at our hourse rather then they get a hotel room due to expenses. Since I had a then 12 years old son in the house too, I spoke to them about no hanky panky since it was not appropriate with a younger boy in the house etc. They assured me nothing would go on in his room. We knew otherwise but they kept insisting she need not sleep on the couch because clothing would be left on in that room. So one night we are all watching a movie together relaxing and Dublin was about six months old and was into garbage cans. Right in the middle of the movie Dublin comes in the room and drops a used condom in the middle of the floor and runs out!!! They turned three shades of red and all my husband and I could do was burst out laughing. I said in a stern voice.... you are both so busted!!!! It was so funny. All my son could say was.....but Mom at least we are using protection like you taught me!
Ha ha, brilliant - it would seem that Dublin was a snitch!
Haha susan, how funny is that story. Of all the things Dublin could have picked and it was that. Your poor son.




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