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Just to make you laugh but not only did Reuben chew up a brand new passport (costing £77) that was delivered by courier when I was out. But he insists on constant jumping up on work surfaces and I have resorted to gin & tonic medication ( for me that is).
Seriously though do they ever understand the 'off' comand and how can I enforce it?

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One Christmas dinner many years ago, I went into the kitchen and thought the turkey looked rather strange I realised it only had one leg - no one had eaten leg, I looked around Jinty was fast asleep on her bed!, so I was at a loss as to what could have happened. I convinced myself that perhaps it only ever had one, to which my husband replied it must have been the only disabled turkey in the history of the Christmas dinner!. Just how Jinty managed to eat the whole leg without leaving any evidence remains a mystery to this day! ; ))) .
Reuben's sister Autumn is a mistress at chewing.....she never seems to chew things which don't matter but so far this year alone she has eaten....2 computer cables, Gavin's playstation wires, a pair of specs, a pair of new shoes, 3 lamp cables, 4 mobilephone chargers & 2 mobile phones......only thing she doesn't eat is her biscuit!!!!!!
Good job we love her :)))))))




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