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Poor reuben has cut one of his paw pads on something, so I have cleaned and put a bandage on but he takes it off! Any tips for dealing with poorly paw pads? Obviously if it doesnt seem to get better, I will take to vets but trying to treat at home first to avoid a bank loan of vets bills!

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You've done the right thing but as you said keeping the bandage on is the one. 

Trim the offending piece of skin off (vet told us this piece is dead anyway) and the pad heals in no time. If you had an antiseptic dog food cream to use it would also help. We use Winter Pad and it has healed any cuts on the dogs pad and can be used elsewhere aswell. It also provides a waterproof barrier to keep dirt out while the cut is healing. We will put a dog bootie over the cut to protect the pad and bandage. 

I use Vet Wrap as well!

I do exactly what Tracy said, but I usually add a bit of bandage tape (sorry, don't know the proper english name) at the top of the vet wrap: makes it a lot harder for them to get it off!

It also eases my mind a bit because like this, i can get it a bit looser and don't have to worry about circulation!

:-)) I used masking tape in the end - just loose ...

Oh poor Reuben ! I hope he's feeling a lot better very soon. I've been through this before with my two English lads. They've both had pad injuries from sharp metal or broken glass in a stream but the matter was taken out of my hands straight away, as the cuts were far too big & deep to treat myself & both boys ended up with several stitches. But the outside dressing on their feet was that colourful sticky stretchy bandaging already mentioned...it did seem to last the longest. I hope you find something that works well for you Louise ! Hugs to Reuben.

Thank you everyone. I spoke to my vets earlier who said that i should let some air get to the wound when in the house, so I have left the bandaging off today apart from when he goes out to the garden for toilets. I must say that he has been permanently fixed to the sofa all day! But i think I will find some of that colourful stretchy bandaging tomorrow as sonds good. The wound doesnt look deep but is quite a long slit.

Michelle - Reuben just had your hugs and is lapping up the sympathy in a typical setter fashion!

Hi Sue,

do you know the name and where you can get the boots they sound great for emergencies.

Never seen them at our vets.

cheers Rosie

Hi Sue,

thanks for that worth knowing just in case I need some fingers crossed i don't.




After wrapping the foot in the bandage you will need some sort of cover to take him outside to keep it clean.  I have a tip for this situation.....My vet gives out used saline bags which otherwise would just get thrown away. They come in two sizes you would need to ask for largest one as smaller wont go far enough up the leg.

They are really strong and can withstand a good walk and can be washed and reused. You would just need to cut a few holes around the top and entwine some sort of ribbon (a strip of bandage works well). Good luck

Klik on the link ..

It's a pet store and they heve special shoes for dogs !!!!

the link is for the UK ..but they are in differend country's




When Icko cut his pow ..it was very helpfull ..

I remove wrapping periodically and clean in warm salt (Himalayan rock salt is always a good thing to have in the medicine chest) water.  This helps the healing process.  If you notice any discharge or swelling, then go back to the vets.  To help with the problem of weight bearing opening prolonging the injury I have a boot with velcro which I put on for going outside for toilets etc. There are lots websites with those boots.

Hello Louise, Put his paw in farina (yes from the kitchen) so it will stop bleeding and also a dog bootie. Succes! Marion Kroes Holland




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