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There seem to be a lot of calls for charitable donations and rescue services out there at the moment so I thought I mention Ringo, a Red Setter from Irland, who was brought into Laois pound with horrific face and neck injuries earlier this year. There was a call for donations on Facebook to cover for his treatment to which I contributed (for what it was worth) but I'm delighted to report that he is recovering well and the ISBC Rescue together with Laois Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are now looking for new and kind owners for this boy


Just in case you can think of someone who can give this little fella their individed attention.


There are other Reds looking for a new home as well of course....



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Yes, shocking, but not suprising, given the monsters who live among us, under the guise of the human being. I would have no qualms whatsoever about shooting those responsible. Again not on FB, so i missed it, but will make a donation to isbcrescue to help with the fine work that they do. I hope he and the others all get a caring owner and a great life. Thank you for posting this.

I have been following Ringo's progress also, and great to see him looking much better! Great work by the Laois rescue and his Vet Keira in Portlaoise  :o) 

It made may day when I discovered an update of this brave little doggy and I was sooo relieved he looked so much better- isn't it amazing that they still are able to trust us... Well done rescue people, vet and foster home!!!

I myself have a Ringo - and I can attest that Irish Setters with the name of Ringo are the sweetest boys around.

Oh Catherine, indeed i have also posted this link, but under another discussion. I was unaware of FB: may you please post the link? I am not on FB, but Marco is :)

I really hope he can find a well deserved home!!!

Thanks all for your concern and support.The Laois Pound was really the driving force behind this rescue mission. Keira, the local vet did a marvellous job. I'm just amazed how Ringo hasn't lost his trust in humans after what he's been through. When he was brought in it was said his soul was broken....

Sylvia - I'm linked to "Setters for Adoption In Ireland" page on Facebook which is how I found out about this particular case so there wasn't a separate page set up for Ringo. Marco maybe able to login using the following link and navigate from there....


Oh my, what a story and what a brave boy! I hope he finds a home soon. Do they re home all over the place as a matter of interest?
How could anyone do that, they are such gentle souls. Thank god he was found and a wonderful vet as well as the rescue people there to help. I just will never understand the cruelty of some people in this world. I look at my boy and it makes me want to weep to think what Ringo went through.
I personally have seen first hand what people can do to broken souls like Ringo :(( And yes...amazingly they do regain that human trust after lots of love and encouragement. It would have to be one of the most rewarding experiences fostering a dog like Ringo and seeing them go on to there forever home :)) where truly they are wanted and loved. I pray that Ringo has that chance...... he so deserves it. :))
Yes I too have had lots to do with hurt animals, horses, cats and dogs their trust they give after all
They've been through never ceases to amaze me. It still breaks my heart.

I haven't seen it but my prayers are the same for Ringo, a loving forever home for him and those like him .

Rhonda you would'nt need to see it first hand for one to know you care :))) I can tell you love the reds :)) There will always be a Ringo needing our thoughts and prayers, lucky there's all of us on ES to offer support. Dianne and Irish. X PS ....lucky he's in Ireland lol.




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