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Calling all setter owner/devotees in Northern/Southern Ireland and indeed further afield.

Following on from the last meet-up discussion on the forum, a firm date of Sunday 18th of September at 1300 hours on Downhill beach near Castlerock has been set for the first setter meet. Come prepared for all weathers and bring refreshments for yourselves and your setters. Parking will be on the beach itself. Initial confirmations so far include myself & Noreen,Kim & Drew Smyth, David & Chantal McIveen-Wright, Rita Wilson and Carmel Murphy. So,spread the word and lets make it a first setter meet up to remember! 

Yours in sincere friendship,


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Don't forget Trevor Wilson :D

Sorry Rita,i know you will not be coming alone!!!!!  Same applies to all other respondants!

Must check with Sheila Hughes and see if she can make it too!! And maybe Patricia who lives nearby Downhill and has a Rua daughter named Mo;o))

I would love to come as well but we have no car at the moment.Hopefully next time. I think it will be wonderfull afternoon....

Lada and Scarlet from Kilkenny

Love to join you but Katie AKA Edenaveys Holly's Pride will have just delivered a new family of little redheads (Hopefully)due 16th or thereabouts so think I will have to wait until next time Have a great day Hope the weather stays fine Take lots of photos to share with those of us who cant be there.


Thanks for replying Karen. Fingers crossed for you & Katie and her prospective brood. Sincere regards.

Hi James, thanks for making things moving ... may be friendly to contact and invite two new ES comers - Kate Kelly from Co. Sligo and Bryony Burns from Belfast (both on ES)  :-)

Everyone is invited Chantal, but i am hoping that there will be more replies even if they are not coming, so as i know who not to contact personally as we get nearer the meet date!

Hi James!

I noticed this forum post but unfortunately I will be away that weekend so can't make it!!! Hopefully I will have a little setter pup in the near future and will be able to meet up next time!

Hi Finn thank you foryour kind comment yes Ben is Katies litter brother.

Aye, the irish sea will be no problem for Raff after his last effort......and mine!!!!!!!

What a great idea, sorry we are in the UK so not near enough to join in. Actually travelling home that day from a few days in Wiltshire with friends and a week in Weymouth.  Can't wait to see how Saffy likes the sea, she enjoyed it there last year when she was about 8 months old. Wonder if she'll remember the sea?  Hope you all have a great meet up X




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