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Hi, just wondering if you can teach your dog to only come up on sofa when invited or is this confusing for them and hence unfair?

You can tell I am a novice at this can't you!!!

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hi louise once invited they are on for life lol
NO sofa!!
I never invited my girl, she decided that that was the best place to sleep. Her own bed is in the garage now and I bought an extra chair. :-)
Emm..... I can see that these Setters just see themselves as human! Reuben is on his bed in Lounge at mo (which is placed by our sofa) and he did try the sofa earlier and was a good boy when I said off. So it may be possible as long as he doesn't give me the real sad eyes...
Hi there
Oh they have got me very well trained, I sit on one seat of two three seater settees, Lyn is correct 'once invited they are on for life'. its better to share, the floor gets rather hard when you are getting older, and I do find it difficult getting up off the floor these days....;o))
Oh Dee, that is funny! i must confess that when he is on the sofa and cuddles me it is lovely and he keeps me very warm. Though he does figit and i often get a paw up my nose or something!
Oh, how lovely is that picture!!! Where do you sit?, haha.
On the other sofa or that chair I bought. :-)
You can train anyway you want him/her to be for the rest of his/her life ! It is up to you ! Here we have different sofas.. I don't mind them going on the red one as it does not show the dirt on the other hand they are not allowed on the white sofa.....and they know very well....although Roger will sit as a human on it with only his bottom on it and his front paws on the ground! Setters are very intelligent and you can teach them anything! It is entirely up to you what you think should and should not be allowed in your house!
Arrh, Barbara, just look at them, so, so sweet! How do you keep that sofa clean? Thanks Catherine and what a good rule you have. I like the idea of teaching Reuben only when invited but was just a bit worried I may be unfair by confusing him, but if they are that intelligent then perhaps he will learn by invite only.
Barb, is that Alfie and Harry? How old are they now?
Oh my gosh, he is beautiful! The pics just melt my heart - these Setters are just so stunning!




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