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Someone please tell me they are not so naughty when mature!!!!

Why is it that you think you have got somewhere with your lovely red dog and then suddenly they are really naughty again. Think I may just be having a bad day possibily but could throttle reuben today! 
This morn on his walk he got over excited (as lots of dogs around) and kept running out of the field or my eyesight and totally ignoring the whistle. Then later at home decided to go back to some digging antics in the garden...
He is 15 months old, so obviously still a pup but sometimes I feel myself thinking, please grow up!
Do they get better, these cheeky monsters?

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Well I'm not convinced they get that much better! Micawber now 15 mths has destroyed Delia Smith completely - he still can't cook just choosing the recipe for dinner, tea towels are torn to shreds, has just taken the washing out of the washing machine - I know I should have shut the door, has pinched my trainer and taken it to his cage, removed the cover from one of the chairs and dropped it in the pond and has also been in the pond 3 times today for a swim - roll on bedtime!! Hamilton aged 6 years - you'd think butter wouldn't melt just looking at him took off on Wednesday found his way thro' the hedge in the farmers field (sheep were in there last year managed to keep them in) and found himself across the road and caught by the local villagers!! Did he look, dare I say it 'sheepish' not a bit of it.

So happy days oh for a mongrel!! or maybe a goat is easier, Lois
OH DEAR ! And I am very sorry but Micawber's antics made me laugh alot. And Hamilton has assured me that yes they do indeed stay cheeky Red Monsters!
Yes Susan I think you maybe right and it is certainly never dull with Reuben but just always seems 10 times worse when you have so much else to do. Hey ho, that is Setters for you then...
ROFL when I read this, I think I am truely blessed. Dare I say it and curse myself good, but Cash is so good in the house. His worst (in his mind) feat is to snatch my kitchen towel while I dry the pots. He runs through the house darting everyone thinking he is so stealthy. I just let him have it, he only runs around with it anyway and doesn't chew anything. He is usually so tired that he doesn't do anything at home but sleep! I know with bad weather around the corner that will change. But seriously he can't get enough time to nap it seems. So that is my secret. I keep him pretty busy so that he has no energy for antics! And it doesn't take much time either. He has been only getting about 90 minutes a day of walks and runs and that is all he seems to need to keep him settled down. But you have to love Rueben's spirit!
Last night my Louis, who is 6 1/2 years old nicked all the chicken that I had lovingly prepared for my dinner. I had to make do with pasta minus the yummy bits. This is not the first time...........I swear he is getting worse!!!! I did want to kill him but I couldn't cos he made me laugh. There was NO remorse, just a twinkle in his eye!!!!! It has taught me not to turn my back for a second. So Louise I am afraid there is little chance of improvement......sorry!!
On Monday........when it was torrential rain here.......my 10 year old Siorchia ......who never ever goes out of sight on walks.......stopped about 50 yards from the car, the other 2 jumped in and Siorchia still just sat there , I called her repeatedly....., she just looked straight at me.so I thought right Madam..I closed the cage door.no re-action........closed the hatch back...no re action...I am now More than wet through.......ok I will get in the car...still she stayed..........started the engine.......thinking she ll run down now....NO I slowly reversed out of my parking space.still she stayed,started to drive through the car park slowly *MUST ADD ONLY US OUT IN THIS APPALLING DOWNPOOR..CAR PARK DESERTED* as I looked through the mirror SHE WAS STILL IN THE SAME SPOT...................
Yes you guessed.......I had to go back ,get out the car get a lead and go for her, she came back quite happily,wagging her tail and jumped in the car...she has never done it before or since .....so far......as my father used to say they go from simply delightfull to simply senile........don t we just love em
Hi Eva, I did think of sympathising however I'm sure Louis was in as much need as you for some tasty bits of chicken. Garlic bread and any type of fish are his Brother's favourites, you only have to say the word fish and Hamilton gives those wonderfully pleading eyes unless your back is turned and it then becomes 'self service'
Keep well Lois
Brilliant! My two have spent the entire summer preventing the sunflowers that I lovingly grew from seed from ever flowering, and when they weren't scoffing these leaves, they were plucking the sugar snap peas off the plants just as they were ready to pick - always working together as a sneaky red stealth squad. The vegetable patch never stood a chance!!!! But I wouldn't have it any other way : )
Right you lot, you are not helping!!! To think that i read your stories and think ahh and how funny, how cute etc,etc.
I guess I am just going to learn very quickly that Reuben's antics are normal and learn to love them. Of course I have already forgiven him as I do adore him but swear there was something in the air today and he was completely potty!
Now of course he is curled up inhis bed in the lounge and looking very sweet and innocent. They are very clever the red monkeys as they can drive you nuts with frustration but somehow manage to completely turn that into their advantage!
I think I need another one and have a matching pair!
Do Irish setters ever grow up, mines five and she is still a nutcase at times. She only heres what she wants to here, although i would say she does come back when you call now but that took intil she was three. Mia does go out for a walk and is very good and she will walk back to the car, then puts the brakes on lies down will not get up if she thinks you have not given her a long enough walk. Does anyone elses do this.
Sorry Louise.......setters are setters,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lovely/funny/loving/adorable/frustrating//wicked/devious thieves./prone to deafness when chasing. something interesting.........and dont we all love them ,,we wouldnt have them any other way
Reading all of these makes you wonder how anyone could not want an irish setter in their lives. You can't stay in a bad mood if you spent your life with them. They see each day for all the joy it holds and not the sorrow. Cash has again started the "I am not getting leashed up" routine again. Dead tired, ready for food and rest and he will start darting all over with glee when I approach him. I got lucky today because some dog snapped at him for getting to close to her frisbee, so he freaked and ran to my side to be protected from that scary girl dog. Everyone laughed because he didn't fuss about going home then at all. She took the wind out of his sails quickly. He hasn't woke up since he got home. On his back, spread eagle like always. I have also done the pretending I am leaving without him game and it never works. He will run to the gate as if to say "what about me"
and as soon as I come back for him, off he goes again, darting all over running around tables, the game starts all over again.
Ah!!! the puppy stage. I just loved it. My two Setter girls are both the same age; baby puppies together & I loved it so much. They are now 8.5yrs. & very quiet & well behaved & an absolute joy. Saying that though, my English girl Megg, will still take off after birds, rabbits etc., at the park & absolutely refuse to come back until she is ready. Well, not always, but definately sometimes. My Irish girl would never do that; she is such a Mummy's girl. I do remember them both getting into all sorts of mischief when they were puppies/teenagers though. Too many to mention...........
Enjoy him, love him heaps, laugh a lot, because in a blink of an eye they are grown up, well, some..............




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