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I have been training my Red to go to "place"; a bed he likes, by using his leash and treats. He will participate a few times. On the second release of Ok, he will lay on the floor and refuse to move. Should I ignore this or assist him up? He won't get up even for a treat! Is this a stubborn behavior or what?

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Nicola you don't have an Irish Setter you have an Irish Centerpiece!:)

Oh Nicola, hope for us all with our beatiful Reds, what a hoot.

Fran this is why it is worth you staying, we all agree and disagee be boring if we didn't.

Laugh at Nicola and keep tuning in.


I thought it was funny that after this discussion, my Red slept in my closet on top of my clothes. We had a storm coming, so he probably felt more secure. I guess you never know what they might do. lol!

What about my dog who wakes me up several times near dawn so I will get in the shower so he can take my spot in the bed?  I can't break him of trying this over and and over.  It isn't to go potty, or eat, it's so he can sleep in the better bed.  He then jumps in happily and stays here for a couple hours after I am up.  Hard to get mad at that face and whining with his tail wagging happily.  They sure know how to "train" us don't they!




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