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What do you think the general cost of a stud fee (in UK) unproven but nice and promising stud dog would charge?

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I have been told a stud fee for an unproven dog in the UK is around £500, normally paid after the bitch has whelped. Hope this helps. I wonder how much it would be worldwide and what would be the protocol.

Hi thanks, yes, whelped or confirmed in whelp? worldwide other ideas?

also curious what's the stud fee range now? I have paid £600 for a proven dog just before he became ShCh, gave me lovely puppies many years ago.... ahh memories x

It varies quite a lot over here unfortunately! I recently enquired about a certain dog and was quoted €850 which is much more than I have paid in the very recent past for an equally excellent stud dog?? So I am going back to the previous equally excellent stud dog;o)) I will not pay more than the price of a pup(€650) for the stud dog!! I usually pay after mating! But if no pups get repeat mating!


I don't have much experience of this, but in Australia in the past it was generally that the stud fee would be the price that a puppy sale would be.  I presume this came about as sometimes the Stud Dog owner had a choice of puppy or charge a fee? 


A friend of mine paid $800.00 AUD for a stud fee 2 years ago for a proven dog which was about the same price as the stud dog owner was charging for pups from his litter.


I am not aware of any protocol here in Aus and given that the price of IS puppies is very broad in price range, I imagine the stud fees probably are too.


Gosh Wendy, how long ago was that? I paid £500 pounds 10 years ago for the sire of my Piaffe.

Years ago a stud fee for an unproven dog  used to be paid after the bitch had whelped but these days, with most bitches being scanned then it could be when the bitch is confirmed in whelp.  But maybe that could be agreed at the mating.

Cheryl, I believe now in the UK the stud fee is the price of a puppy, presumably varies across the country.

In Sweden the system is a charge for the service and then a charge for each surviving puppy.  So the total stud fee is variable and reflects the size of the litter. 

Hi Eva, xx  I am going by memory and it would be 9 years ago, so not absolutely sure probably still got the paperwork :-)  The reason I ask is that I have an enquiry for my boy, I want to be fair and I am sure what is a fair price. Also I am curious as for the past 18 years I been the owner of the bitch,  the stud side is absolutely new to me:-) so grateful for your help x
Wendy, may I pose this question through your blog?
How many times have you heard a stud dog owner in the UK say that their dog's stud fee will go up as soon as he becomes a show champion. I cannot understand this because not every show champion is a producer and we have seen many stud dogs who have never been made up become a great influence on the breed. Wendover Game springs to mind.
I have often discussed this with friends abroad where, I understand the stud fee is the price of a puppy, regardless.
Do show champions carry a greater price tag? Should they? Should the stud fee be dependant on the quality of stock produced?
What are your thoughts?

Hi Eva,

me as a bitch owner don't care about the show results, however it makes me happy if the dog I like wins at shows. BUT it is not the same as I would chose the dog for stud because he wins a lot... I hope you feel the difference :-)
Me as a bitch owner would pay all my money including my last coin for a stud dog that I am intend to use, on the other hand there are a number of champions that I would never use, not for all the tea in China. Not cause I find them ugly, just because they are not my type or not suit my bitch etc, and there is nothing to talk about from that point ... even it is a World Winner.
Tastes differ a lot, and beauty is relative, and some judges may prefer other dogs than I do, therefore show and breeding should be approached separately in my opinion.

Um a thought indeed....... I have thought it to be so, the stud dog becomes a ShCh therefore he is more in demand. I honestly don't know if the cost would be higher or reasons why it should? This may be an urban myth maybe ask ShCh owners if the cost does go up? If I like a dog I would use him regardless of the ScCh status. How do others feel?

I agree.  I would also use a dog regardless of the title but this was told to me so I thought I would ask. 

I know of present day stud dog owners who are not charging anything like the price of a puppy either (Concept's stud fee was always less) so should the charge be standardised across the board?  Should the term 'proven sire' refer to a dog who produces puppies or who produces winning puppies.  Would you expect to pay more for a prepotent sire or should every dog who has sired a litter be the price of a puppy?   Would love to hear your views. 

Incidentally I don't ever remember a stud dog owner asking for 'pick of litter'.   That choice was always the breeder's prerogative. 

In my opinion a proven sire is a dog that has sired puppies that I LIKE or find interesting for various reasons, regardless of the show results - however, I will be glad if they win at times.

It's the same with the stud himself, he doesn't need to win at shows, he only needs to meet my requirements ... titles are just bonus.




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