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This might have been discussed - or even attempted - before.  But I wondered if anyone ever uses the chat room on this site?


Maybe we could have a weekly discussion topic where everyone is free to join in at a predetermined time to chat about aspects of the breed (or just general topics)?


What do people think?  Has it been attempted?  Would anyone like to try it?


I was just thinking that, given the direction some topics have taken here recently, perhaps the chance to chat in real time, to real people (okay, so we're all real, but you know what I mean), rather than post static comments might keep things more civil and also be more interesting.  Not much fun comes from opening what looks like a good topic, only to read a 20 page argument...even if the topic IS a good one!!


Perhaps if we tried it, we could set ground rules and have a chat moderator or something who keeps us all playing nice?



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I'd give it a try.I have never used a chat room but it could be fun.
what about the time zones? :-)

I did and no-one answered....... good idea though.


never used a chat room, how do they work

I'd like to try it. I think the chat could be a useful tool in the site and one that no one uses!

I've tried it before with no answers..

I did think about the time zone issue, but it seems like whenever I pop into this site, there are people "online now" from all over the world.  So maybe we're all just not sleeping so we can come here LOL


If you like, I could try setting up the first one and see how we go??

sounds good, how do you know when someone is chatting?


oh well, i never sleep, so it's fine with me :)))

I have used the chat function once.  Purely by chance, I noticed there is a little chat symbol in the bottom right hand corner and it flashes when someone types in a question or a comment in the chat section.  When I clicked on it, the message was for me, so we enjoyed a short chat which was quite fun, but that's the only time.

I have gone into the chat and noticed some people have posted questions, but they haven't had any responses. 

If you click on the arrow with the bar above it, a new screen compes up that tells you who is on-line and then you can type in the fields on the left of that screen and then people respond in real time. 


I think the restriction would be that it is just chatting and there is no thread of discussion afterwards? Is that correct?


I think you can copy the discussion and save it...if it works like other chats, that is.
How do you 'send' the message?  There seems nothing to click on the page.
Hi Howard, I just tried the chat thing.  You just type in the box at the bottom and hit return I think.  I say "I think" because nobody responded, but the message did move to the box above with my wee logo beside it.




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