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 ES is not an unfriendly site towards experienced breeders/exhibitors. Members have respect for all people associated with our lovely breed. Judging by the forum posts that are now left it shows not only a thirst for knowledge of our breed but more importantly our dogs that we own or come into contact with. We all seem to be willing to share any experience that might help others on this site. There are ongoing challenges within the setter breeds and people find about them from many sources including ES. Open sources that allow anyone to view the information on offer.

ES is not just about showing/breeding. animal husbandry, training and sharing of research information. It is about the lives we live with our wonderful setters and the joy of sharing those moments. It is sharing the trials and tribulations of owning a setter and asking for advice. Open and kindly meant advice is not judged. Experts and newbie’s advice is all welcomed.

Gene watches over the technical integrity of this site with patience and common sense. A medal is deserved.  "Hot topics" can have our own views and agree to differ on points without any nastiness it just takes commitment of the member involved.  If you would add some more positives about ES I for one would love to read them.

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I am moving to Wales this year..... let me settle in and I will be over :-D

"That's funny" posted in wrong place, supp to be about setter only agility w Carmel. Moving to Wales?! .......swoon.....

That's funny! So sorry to hear about your show that you'd worked so hard towards Fran....there in is life. : ( What's the average number of hours you practice/train a day/week? I thought it would just be a fun activity to keep my dog busy but I'm not above getting alittle competetive! lol

Hi Kimberly.  When we are in competition about an hour a week. We practice sequences, targeting weave entries from various angles whatever needs to be worked on.  Hopefully we will also have some workshops running in the spring. I am hoping to get some seriously good teachers in, such as my friend Wendy Rose Clay, and I am hoping Alan Bray might be up for running workshops again at some point as he has recently lost his wife after a long illness. These two people really helped me bringing Tallulah and Barkley up to the levels they have achieved.  I have only done a couple of workshops with DaisyMae so am really keen to get going again :-)

Fran, I am glad you brought up the subject working setters. When Ginger was young I started agility with her. She did what I asked her to do but she didn't like agility at all. After 6 months I gave up. Nowadays I have 2 working setters and it is amazing how fast they are. I think that my little Kells would do very well at agility. :-)

Go for it Astrid :-)  I would love to see some pictures of your two?

I so agree with this post. 

I am a novice breeder and we are yet to join the show circuit with our 2 puppies but I am really looking forward to it. I have gained an awful lot of information on many different matters. I love to read every ones experiences with their Setters and the things they have got up.

Frankly I must have missed something along the way with a few of the reason posts it went straight over the top of my head.

There will always differences of opinion but that's sometimes quite enlightening because there is always different ways of doing things and one might suit your situation better than the other it doesn't mean that the other way is wrong.

I greatly appreciate others opinions when I am in a quandary about something, I have had nothing but help and support.

Gosh Fran that was wonderful reading :)) and guess what my daughter owns a sweet pedigree border collie and my Poppy was up against her! Guess what Mish had a melt down for some reason with the tunnels :))) Oh boy that was a bit sad for my daughter! But not me , Poppy sailed through Yay. I like it for fun and I feel I don't have quite the ability to train either Ruby or Poppy too far but will endevour to try. My girls are a small petit Irish and their breeder went quite far in agility with her setters, their eyes light up when the equipment is set up at obedience :) I'll have a look at the agility site Carmel, I must of been blind and not saw it thank you. It's great to read so many of you enjoy it. Sorry Rhonfa if I got off track of your discussion, I do enjoy the help I receive on ES. :))

No off track on this post, just wonderful positive sharing. Loving it.

Oh I love it when their eyes light up like that. My first agility dog Lotte, her eyes would come out on stalks when we arrived at the agility class.  When we got our own equipment she thought she had died and gone to heaven.  She also had a favorite show, and that was the Empingham agility show. She absolutely loved it there and always had her best runs.  After she died it was really hard going back there remembering her face when she saw all the equipment in the rings in front of her.  I think it was the layout of the rings which excited her,  She could just see about 8 rings all set out before her eyes.  Soooo funny and soooo sweet.

Micawber is just about to start his 2nd year in agility we don't compete but he loves the training and like most ISs shows off. The Bridge is where he usually chooses to show off by just stopping all activity and sitting in the middle until he receives his due applause. He is also doing advanced obedience training involving 'seek, find and retrieve', heel walking using the 'touch, clicker and treat method'  etc,etc. We have had ISs for 40 years and Micawber is from a different breedline to our others he is VERY hardwork and very intelligent show him something a couple of times and he gets the hang of it and he also works out a lot for himself. Hamilton is totally chilled out enjoys the socialising he gets at obedience training, very affectionate and by choice very lazy

That story's so heartwarming Fran. : )  Thank you Rhonda for this discussion....I'm enjoying the green grass of this site. Kim : )




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