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...are your Setters allowed to sleep in/on your beds? `Just asking.....


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Oh mine have a pecking order, they sleep in the same place each night....;0))
The eldest sleeps beside the bed until Ian my husband gets up at 5am each day and then she goes downstairs to have a biscuit (always thinking about her belly that one). The other 4 rush upstairs and get into their own place on the bed with me and then the eldest comes back up after her biscuit and jumps right in the middle of everyone so that she can have her favourite spot right beside my head. Nice and warm in the winter but it gets a bit hot in the summer.
I laughed! and...laughed. I wished my setter could sleep with me, my husband thinks she is a dog! :-(
Absolutely, in fact if I fall asleep on the sofa Riley will often wake me up in the wee small hours to tell me he wants to go to bed!!!
Yes, I would have trouble sleeping with out them.
My lot "officially" sleep in their crates at night. But they are allowed on the bed, and OH and I will sometimes "accidentally" leave the bedroom door open if, for example, the other party isn't getting out of bed when they should be... 90kgs of dog suddenly landing on you at full, exuberant force is a great alarm clock *chuckle*
Just to show...Im the nasty one on this site!
My dogs and cats are not even allowed in to the bedroom. They have their own settee in the kitchen + dogbeds in the studio.
Like how evil can you get? :-)
Not nasty at all!! Probably sensible!! My Luka sleeps in a large crate in the laundry room and Abbey still sleeps in her crate(untill she can be trusted to behave all night!!!!) Only my older ones get to sleep on couch all night!!
No, they all sleep downstairs in their own beds! At one time I had 6 dogs at home and it would have been impossible! They do sometimes come upstairs during the day and jump on my daughter's bed to see out of the window who is coming down the lane, but otherwise, its is downstairs at night!I don't think it is nasty! they have a good night rest and so do we!
I have (in my earlier dog-owning-days) shared bed with dogs, but they have:

a) A tendancy to take over = start off by politly laying at my feet and within a short time move up to not only sharing a pillow with me, but actually trying to push me out of the way so that they have more room.

b) Been full of sand (I live by the beach) and its rather like having sheets made out of sandpaper. Not all that comfortable.

They love their settee in the kitchen and prefer curling up together. Or at least that is what I hope. :-)
Yikes! Ursula, you are in the minority! Annie has a dog bed in our bedroom. She knows when I'm asleep, when I wake up she comes to visit me, so I can let her outside.
we have had setters for 30 years and always had 2 together. we have 5 children who are now grown up and at bed time we would always say to our setter girls 'go find a bed' and they would choose where to sleep. Now Orla and Neeve always come in with us and we wouldnt have it any other way and when me son isnt staying at home we have his rescue dog Dixie too. We've just ordered a super king size bed as it is getting a bit squashed !




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