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...are your Setters allowed to sleep in/on your beds? `Just asking.....


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LOL!! Its that old trainer maxim
"do as I SAY not as I do"
- perhaps it's all a primaeval memory thing that goes back to a time when as nomadic tribes we would have travelled then slept with the dog's to keep warm - always thought 'Three Dog Night' meant rather a chilly night .......but a five dog night! ;) .....whatever your preference, enjoy!.

Rio does not sleep on my bed but the 'little darling!' - 'alarm dog' is going off most mornings at 4.00am, - what I want to know is how do you explain to a very happy juvenile that just 'cos it's light does not mean it's time to get up!!....................'Here's...... Rio' is wearing a bit thin! ;D
Oh poor Reuben, I am in the minority as a meanie dog mummy! We have a stair gate and he isn't allowed the freedom of going upstairs. He sleeps in his crate at night with the door shut as still quite young and not 100% trustworthy yet. He doesn't mind tho and will quite often stay in there in the morning for a good 10 mins after the door is opened with a lazy look of 'surely it's not time to get up'. It is the only time the Door is shut and he often asks to go to bed at 10 pm ish every night waiting for a bedtime bonio!
On the weekends tho, he comes up for a cuddle on the bed and it is lovely. Couldn't have him there at night tho as such a fidget bum...
We are meanies here too - we also have a stairgate and the only time Bella has been upstairs has been for much needed baths after muddy walks - funnily enough since then she has displayed little interest in what could be up that mysterious wooden hill!
Guess I must be a 'meanie Mom' too. My dogs sleep in crates at night and are crated during the day when I'm away from home for short periods of time. With 4 large Borzoi and 1 Irish Setter loose in the house, I'd come home to total destruction if left to their own devices! The Zoi are usually very laid back and couch potatoes, until Mom is out of sight! Then, they start playing, chasing each other, up and over furniture, behind furniture, flying across the room with the greatest of ease and at heights that boggle the mind! They are safest locked up in their Dane sized crates under the A/C in the summer (not a hot weather lover) and kept out of harms way. My Irish Setter, going on 7 years of age this month and she still cannot be trusted loose in the house unless under strict supervision. She is always hungry, or just thinks she is, and eats books, paper, gets into the pantry and eats boxes of crackers, dry pasta, you name it. She would eat herself into bloat and torsion if allowed to do so. She can and sometimes does sleep loose in my bedroom, but she chooses to sleep on the floor in front of my closet door. I have to keep the bedroom door and bathroom door closed if she is loose in my bedroom tho, otherwise, she's into things she shouldn't be all night long. One of my Borzoi girls is sometimes sleeping on the bed with me, but the other 3 are always crated at night. No one would get any sleep if they were all loose. The temptations are too great for rough housing with each other. Starts out innocently enough with just a mouthing of each other's heads, front legs, rear leg, etc., then it quickly escalates into full out romps thru the house. I wouldn't have a house left standing and probably some broken bones on the Borzoi! They have no fear of flying over furniture and going splat on ceramic tile floors either. VBS.....they can take their romps outside, thank you very much! I think age and mental maturity have a lot to do with how they sleep at night. My Irish is almost 7, my oldest Borzoi girl just turned 5, the other 3 Zoi are 2 1/2, 2 and 9 months of age. Still not mature enough mentally to be allowed freedom of the house.
Yes mine are allowed :-)
when we got Tartuffe, we resolved that he would sleep in the kitchen. In fact he would not be allowed to come upstairs at all ... but that didn't last very long! We were so amazed that he could manage to get upstairs at 3 months old, that we forgot to tell him to go down again.
Bit then we thought, he couldn't jump up on the bed anyway ...
... then one day he could, much to his surprise, as well ...

he loved to sleep on the bed, and I think he felt he was looking after his humans.
He always took special interest in guests and if they left the bedroom door open, he would join them too!
No need for reading all the replays, just go to page 8 ;)
my wife and I were just finishing .... you know when our red boy jumped on the side of the bed hung his head over my neck as my wife went to kiss me she got a big wet curious nose on her lips.any way after the horror scream and yells of yuk she said no one is to know of this .We did laugh a lot and only doggy people understand wall maybe!!
haha love this Peter and think situations like this is why my hubby has banned Reuben from the bedroom!!!! So funny though.
a sex life can continue in the bedroom when the dogs are there ...

... I keep a bucket of water handy, in case they get too noisy!

Sometimes I thought I'd found out how it felt like to be trapped alive a coffin, since the bedclothes were pinned to me by an IS on each side of me!

Then they want to read in bed too ... look at the title of the book ...

David, what a lovely photo. I do not see the title of the book, but it must be interesting, since both of you sleep :))




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