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...are your Setters allowed to sleep in/on your beds? `Just asking.....


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I am not certain ALL dogs are quite as considerate!
I had a (male) friend tell me the story of ending up in bed with a woman...and eventually her dog.
The dog tried to join in and thought the mans legs were the answer to all his dreams.

My friend told me he never told the women (just tried - in vain- to shake the dog of his leg). The end-result was he never phoned the woman again...:-)

Mind you this was NOT an irish setter...
Funny, but also very sad story. I wouldnt call her either (if I was a man).
Quite right. ;-)) But it is still much nicer to get into lovers arms and get kisses etc. in the middle of the night or in the early mornings without any dog in the middlle of the bed. Maybe it is just me. We get to be together only for the weekends and have no need for two dogs lying with us in the bed. Although I doubt it would be any different if we lived together.
Ursula that story is so funny!!!;o)) That vision will be in my head all day!!!;o))
Carmel, it is 100% true!
It was a humping West Highland white....obviously had a good grip on my friend.
;o)))) Thank goodness it was a small breed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha, so sweet :)))
Not to me it isn`t. My setter is not allowed to go on the bed unles I allow it (few times a year). She would never go on her own. I like dogs, but they should know their place.
lovely photo michelle

Yes, my two girls have always been allowed on our bed, in fact they're allowed on any bed, & the couch, in fact, they're allowed anywhere they like. They don't usually start off with us. Tess (Irish) sleeps on her own single bed in the study, whereas Megg, my English girl, sleeps on her own cushion bed in our room. Then, always during the night sometime, they both get into bed with us. We all love having cuddles in the morning, well I do, don't know about my husband (lol). It does get pretty squashy.
this is a nice picture lynn




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