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have any of you been told as you are nearing or are in your 60s you are to old for an Irish?

it is so good to find on this site lots of people that must be in that age group.

golly i think i am more enegetic than most of the younger generation of today.

cheers Rosie


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Well, I am 62, and my wife is MUCH older, since I am her toyboy ... and we are expecting the patter of 4 tiny feet at the end of June.

An IS gives us so much ... happiness, joy, love, mischief and a sense of adventure - you just don't know what they will do next! They give pleasure not only to their owners, but everyone who meets them. As has been said already, they give us a reason to live and enhance our lives - they should be given out on prescription from our health services!


THANK YOU Rosie if excitement can be felt from a letter, it sure pours out of yours.
When we got our two puppies, my partner was 64 and I 49. For both of us, it was like raising children. It can be exhausting. Very exhausting. But we enjoyed every minute - even when we could hardly keep our eyes open - trained both pups well, had lots of games and exercise and now they are well balanced, grown up family members who are the joy of our life. And yes, you are right. Many of us are more energetic than the young ones these days. Tell the employers, please :)) But some people at our age may find puppies - especially boisterous Irish setters - quite challenging. Depends on your patience, your fitness, your youth at heart, I suppose.
Depends on the individual. Some much younger wouldn't be able to cope, or know how! Age shouldn't really be a factor, it's the home and the circumstances that matter surely?

Well I am pushing 62 and about to have a litter from which I will keep a bitch (or maybe two!!).  I am planning to have another litter in two year's time when I will be pushing 64!!

Ask the clown if he/she would admit to being too old to have a dog, or do anything for that matter, once they have reached your age..........

I can't believe that someone would even be rude enough to ask.  I always ask people to come and see the dogs when I have a litter before deciding if they can have one or not and then you can decide for yourself roughly what age they are and if they look fit enough to have one and the circumstances.  I agree that most older people have more time to devote to their dogs than the younger age group who also may have children to consider but the Irish do love children.  When I had my first litter my Mum was 71, she looked after her own Irish Setter, my bitch and then had one of the puppies, a dog and also had my puppy to look after as well while I was at work all day, so she had 4 Irish Setters, 2 of them puppies (and those of you who have had 2 puppies together will know what that is like).  She coped with them all on her own every day, she walked them or left them run in the field, bathed them if they needed it and kept coats all in good condition and all because she had the time and dedication.  She still loves to look after my Irish from time to time although she lost her last boy last year and at 85 years old she thought it was about time to go back to something smaller so she has now got a Mini smooth haired black and tan bitch who at 9 months old keeps her on her toes.

Whomever thinks that 60 is too old for a setter pup then you're nuts! Irish Setters are even better for people that age. Since they are so energetic they keep you going and make you feel young. I'm only 23, however, my parents are nearing the age of 60 and Riley and Fiona keep them going. My grandmother who's about to be 83 loves to go out on walks with Riley because he's such a gentleman. Dogs keep people young and I recommend anybody to get a pup. the best medicine for old age is a young pup. I know Riley and Fiona make me feel like I was 5 again.

Go for it Rosie and enjoy your new puppy. My partner in his 70's looks after our 4 (3 at 6yrs and 1 who is just 1yr) all day while I am at work I am envious of  the time he has for them and his stories of their antics  when I come home.

My friend has 9 irish and bred a litter 2yrs ago and another last year of which we have one she still shows regularly and will be 82yrs young in July!

how many studies have been done proving that a pet is beneficial for people who are aging. Some are on their own and a dog or cat is their only companion. When our Cherie died my husband did not think it wise to get another. Don't know why because he is in his 50's. Anyway I won and now we have baby Molly. She is my friend during the day at the moment helping me through some difficult times. I think common sense prevails sometimes an IS can give someone a new lease of life. Go for it. 
I can't imagine life without an Irish Setter until they put me in a box.....
Well Rosie you sure have brought out all the "silver surfers". I hope the answr is - you are never too old for a Setter!

Hi Ossian,

i never thought i was, that is what shook me when i was told i was possibly to old for a pup.

gee there are some old foggies out there that need to get a life.

i hope my new pup by this time next week will be more than a twinkle in his/her sires eye.





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