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too many puppies? a question to the breeders and others....

I often wonder why breeders are planning a litter although there are still puppies left from the one before?

Thank you for your opinions and experience.


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I wonder the same...
I dont know any breeders who have done this, personally, but it does'nt sound like a good way of breeding!!
Do these breeders that you know keep any puppies from the litters they breed? If they don't then it seems that maybe money is playing a large part in this though you would hope they have prior bookings for that particular mating but somehow, unfortunately, I doubt it
Eva I share your concerns, we do seem to have some people in the breed who have 'serial' litters one after another, or who mate 2 bitches mere weeks apart thus having 2 litters for sale at the same time...one does have to wonder at their motivation...similiarly those who push young dogs at stud. Irish setters are traditionally a breed which is slow to mature (like good whiskey...forgive the allusion, I am Scottish after all!) so best allowed to enjoy their youth before beginning breeding duties, especially the girls where the business of having pups can be quite honerous....bless them!!!




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